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International logistics packaging items?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
New immigrants already dealt with immigrant visa most worried about is how to check foreign furniture furniture items to abroad in the new house. Although done their homework before going abroad, can after all big furniture is more, how to packing? Is there any way to solve these problems? Here are some international logistics furniture items packaging techniques, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain professional packaging teacher here need to international logistics goods friends to share. For international logistics, in fact to do, can look for professional international logistics services to deal with these trival things, a phone call, you could just send someone the door professional international logistics service follow up the work, one-stop door to door service makes you more worry and effort. Below is about international logistics requires multinational logistics goods packaging methods: 1. Ordinary goods: use cartons, woven bag, bales packing, suitable for: dry parts, daily necessities, food, clothing, general chemicals, etc. 2. Fragile: to use thick cartons, wooden splints on when necessary, or seal the batten, applicable to the stone, floor tile, glass, ceramic products. 3. Without goods: no contamination of the container, not afraid of knock against, can not take packing: such as wooden frame, frame, large items, not afraid to knock against, clean items. 4. Liquid class: use barrels, cans of class packing: suitable for edible oil, general chemicals, paint etc. 5. Large equipment: need to reinforce in the container, or it will damage the company's container ship, the port has professional reinforcement equipment company, can help to reinforce, oneself also can think of some way to consolidate. Note: 1) Heavy goods can use the tray as far as possible on a tray, easy handling, but wooden need fumigation; 2) Liquid class, want to apply, such as some chemicals belong to dangerous goods, need to use special box; 3) Box must be balanced, responsible for the trailer easily turn over the box, port crane is not easy to operate, don't produce needless trouble.
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