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International logistics packaging clothes choose what way

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Live in the city, glamorous clothes is indispensable, so at the time of logistics, for them, sorting clothes is also a very important thing. So international logistics packaging clothes choose what way, what are the strengths and weaknesses? Today let VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up for everyone to look at the. Logistics when there are three kinds of the way we sorting clothing, one kind is to use ordinary bag sorting clothing, one kind is to use our usual use suitcase and there's a kind of supply logistics lp hanging suitcase. So what are the three ways respectively good places and bad places, these methods and what are the pros and cons. First of all we have to say, we use the ordinary bag, the bag while the price is cheap and is very easy, when buying a lot of people will use this bag in logistics to logistics. But use the logistics bag, easy to crease and what we are easy to dirty, if met rainy weather may also get wet, but because the clothes are very cheap so a lot of people would use. Second is often used in our daily life of the more common items box, this box than that on the bag for the price is more expensive, but generally the somebody else will have this kind of cases also won't deliberately to buy commonly so. When only use this kind of box is also relatively easy to wrinkle, but at the time of logistics we use the box is not easy to dirty, and if at the time of logistics in rainy weather using this kind of case, we can also rain. Finally is the sort of international logistics lp special use hanging suitcase, clothing pressure of this dress hanger containers won't bring us to fold, we can hang your clothes in the logistics inside, still can prevent rain and dust prevention. But the box from the logistics lp for leasing is the need to give money, so a lot of people are reluctant to lease. In international logistics, clothes how to pack, which still has a lot of tips, learn to choose and throw away leaving important, you don't need to learn to set priorities, valuables, focus on the need of things in a place where it is easy to get.
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