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International logistics operation conditions

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
1. International logistics service type: door to door service from your designated domestic address pick up the goods have been sent to your designated address within the residence abroad, easier then, everything to our complete door to port service: from your designated domestic address pick up the goods have been sent to the destination port. 2. We provide you with carton packing type, wooden boxes, bubble film, pearl cotton, waterproof bags, stretch film, with thick cardboard, paper, packing tape and so on a series of professional packaging materials. For household electric appliance, piano, safe, furniture and other precious brittle, or heavy goods packed in wooden cases, best placed inside filler, prevent extrusion container damaged in conventional books, or easily damaged commodities suggest use carton packaging, complementary with white paper package, tape sealing super-long overweight type of goods actually confirmed, according to the Suggestions of professional packaging team will give according to the actual circumstance of goods package, neither damage of the goods, in order to achieve and as far as possible to minimize the purpose of the cubic number 3. Transport measurement record number after the packaging, weight, cubic number, loading transport, shipped to the customs warehouse 4. Declaration infrared inspection will be carried out in the customs, if no problem will release on chapter 5. Destination after the destination according to the different service types of choice for the local agent will notify the consignee of goods to the port, according to the actual situation of customs clearance, transportation to the specified address additional services include: discharge that take the door to the specified location, demolition of goods packaging materials, basic furniture assembly, before leaving to remove all packaging waste, etc. 6. Destination note if it is door to port service, you must pick up the goods within the time specified, otherwise it will produce a series of costs. Most of the country's immigration private goods imported for the first time, can be duty-free. New furniture items, need to provide the accurate invoice, objective state may thus pay taxes. Detailed list of regulated or banned exports refer to specific articles.
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