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International logistics New Zealand banned items and tube products list

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
New Zealand is very strict for entry articles carried by the request, the main reason is that New Zealand is an independent island, New Zealand has no human habitation in the 50 million's, until the tenth century, began to have the original residents begin to enter. New Zealand has a lot of species is not, if not carefully into such as pollen or seed, animals, etc. , are likely to cause irreversible chain imbalances, fresh fruits, vegetables, plant products, meat, eggs, milk products, plant seeds, tubers, is New Zealand's agriculture, forestry and sensitive items and customs officers, don't want to cause trouble, simply throw away before inspection. VIPU under the Supply Chain of international logistics to collect the related material, for your reference, hope can help for you. New Zealand banned items: the following items by may carry animal and plant pests and pathogens were barred from the New Zealand: 1) Dairy products: milk, cheese, milk powder, butter, ghee, triad dairy drinks. 2) Eggs and egg products, eggs, boiled eggs, salted egg, preserved egg, the egg and egg carton, etc. 3) Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit. 4) Freshwater fish, fresh fish, frozen fish, salt fish, dried fish, such as salmon, trout, Except filling) 。 5) Bee products, bee pollen, propolis, and honeycomb honey, royal jelly, honeycomb, syrup, etc. 6) Dynamic plant medicinal products: such as bird's nest, pilose antler, deer penis, bear bile, drying reptiles ( Like a serpent dry, dry lizard) , chicken's gizzard-membrane, etc. 7) Meat and meat products, sausage, fresh, ripe system including snacks, Except canned products) 。 For example: candy, preserved ham, dried beef, pork, meat marinated chicken, roast duck, bacon moon cakes, etc. 8) Rare animals and plants and their products ( Including important, jewelry, souvenir, artifacts and antiques) : the species of common CITES protection are: American ginseng, radix aucklandiae, gastrodia elata, musk, tortoise plastron, bear bile, antelope horn, tiger bone, rhino horn, seals, pangolin scales, and some snakes, toad, coral, ivory, etc. 9) Animals, insects, pets, fish, birds, turtles, protein, etc. 10) Plants:, whole, cut into, bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers. Fresh cut flowers, garlands, wreaths materials. Popcorn corn and straw packaging materials. 11) Other: soil and water biological culture and organism, biological products, animal products, food, food, animal drugs and vaccines, food additives, pesticides, insecticides, etc. New Zealand immigration tube products: required to pass through the following items ( MAF) National forest quarantine officer quarantine inspection, some items need to the specific quarantine treatment should be safe to enter New Zealand: 1) Seeds, in any form, including the commercial packaging of finished product 2) Plant products: nuts, Chinese herbal medicine, condiment, soup. For example, walnut kernel, medlar, soybean, sorghum, millet, wheat, dried tangerine or orange peel, honeysuckle, codonopsis, lotus seed, lily, mushrooms, edible fungus, and so on. 3) Food, all kinds of types. 4) Dry flowers and fruits and vegetables, dried flower basket of flowers, leaves, pine nuts, and pine cone shell, etc. 5) Straws of wheat straw, straw handicrafts, white flowers and grass cans or bottles. Wood carvings, basket, bamboo rattan products, etc. 6) The wild camping and sports equipment, such as: tents, shoes, football shoes, golf shoes, etc. 7) Veterinary instruments, equipment and utensils, saddlery associated with livestock and riding gear, birdcage, freshwater fishing gear and used by the bait, cross-country bicycle, etc. 8) Animal products: hides, fur ( Such as drum, erhu instrument) , feathers, animal specimens, animal bones, Angle and teeth, prey exhibits, raw wool, animal hair, leather crafts, etc. Immigration New Zealand is searched out undeclared banned items, will be fined NZD $400 or above on the spot, the highest fines to NZD $10000 and/or convicted by top five years in prison. If you carry goods for you not sure, just declare. Although after declaration, will lead to the channel for scrolling luggage, customs clearance speed is slower, and luggage will become a mess; But, if it cannot be determined to carry his goods, it is better to let them going through the following, to avoid more trouble.
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