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International logistics Marine bill of lading lost what should I do?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
There are more and more immigrants, even furniture etc, is not a few people away, so can't avoid would use the international logistics lp, logistics lp in the customer's goods shipping port provides the Marine bill of lading in three days, however, some customers will run into the bottom of the sea single lost, encounter this situation what should I do? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to teach you how to deal with this problem. Marine bill of lading is issued by the carrier after receiving the goods receipt of goods, is also a proof of shipping contract signed by the carrier, on behalf of the ownership of the goods carried by the bill of lading is a kind of property rights characteristics of credentials. Sometimes is that unpredictable, suddenly lost the bill of lading is lost, what should I do that? ! Normally, our bill of lading is often lost in the following cases: 1, lost in exporters under control. 2, the negotiating bank to consignee after lost. If you meet the above situation, should be by individual exporters and importers. 3, exporters after the documents to the issuing bank, the loss of the issuing bank. 4, after missing the express company to the negotiating bank. Above two kinds of situations should be the issuing bank or negotiating bank liability. 5, the issuing bank to pay the documents to the Courier company after lost. This often happens, however, in accordance with the current valid postal regulations, postal service only limited liability. According to incoterms 2000: under the condition of CIF, FOB and CFR, the seller must own expense to provide shipping documents to the buyer without delay. Presumably a general risk of lost documents shall be borne by the seller. Marine bill of lading is lost? Loss statement news publishing is a way of law, refers to the parties concerned have lost some social certificates or seals of the nature of such information, in order to back fill do a, the law must first determine the lost have lost have legally invalid, common way is to request invalid announcement of the consultation, this process is having lost statement. In addition, the carrier in order to ensure the rights and interests of oneself, in the case of missing documents, usually require the consignee in the case of no original bill of lading for delivery, and requirements provided by the bank guarantee. If capital stagnation pressure into consideration, you can take the following measures: 1, notify the shipping company concerned and his agent if the shipping company and its agents are timely notice, they have the obligation to handled carefully, can't only by the original b/l to release the goods, and shall require DiHuoRen provided sufficient evidence, prove the bill of lading is benign. 2, timely apply to the court for public notice once you apply to the court for issuance, on the one hand can ensure rights under the bill of lading shall be inviolable; On the other hand can also solve the problem of long-term stagnation pressure margin. Because once the court decided to hear public notice, assignment of rights on the bill during the behavior as genuine. The laws of the public notice procedure cost is low, attorney fees is low. The expiry of the abroad should also have this kind of program, demand that the ( The general is 60 days) Can apply for court rulings eliminating advantageous position. In general, the documents lost should not affect YaGang, because the consignee has the obligation not accordingly refused to unload the goods; The carrier also cannot refuse to discharge the consignee without original bill of lading, despite its shall have the right to refuse to release the goods. 3, postal express delivery company will be responsible to what? If the postal express delivery company loss incurred during the process of sending the bill of lading, in accordance with the current laws and regulations, express company near impunity. Whether can pass on by insured postal express delivery risk insurance loss, the insurance company if seems not to carry out the insurance. Bank letter of guarantee as long as the letter of guarantee issued by language specific comprehensive, general won't have risk. Involving large letter of guarantee, please best counsel, because in practice there are a lot of bank guarantee shall be invalid. The shipping documents are lost, often by the original b/l to the consignee at the port of destination after delivery of the consequences of practice generally is by the consignee pick up the goods with a copy of the bill of lading; By the carrier or retroactive a new set of b/l to supplier delivery and settlement of exchange is used, or authorized by the exporter carrier release; Generally the above three cases, in order to ensure the rights and interests, the carrier usually require the goods to provide reliable guarantee; Now shipping company often requires exporters and their joint bank guarantee, guarantee time is one year, three years, six years. Bank guarantee issued by the general requirements exporters deposit, if the amount is huge, to press the large sums of money for three to six years, will have an enormous pressure on exporters; If the bill of lading is made by a third party, the exporter or even face the end of the money goods two empty.
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