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International logistics lp to provide door-to-door forecast service what are the benefits?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
In the international logistics in many link, there is a door to door, many international logistics lp are provided free of charge door-to-door service of the assessment, so the door to assess what benefits? In international logistics, the majority of people to check items and more miscellaneous, such as personal items, kitchen appliances, furniture, piano, works of art, etc, the mode of transportation to choose by sea, the shipping is charged according to the volume of goods, so in the international logistics in one of the most important thing is to estimate the volume. Most international assessment of logistics lp will provide door to door service, when evaluating them at the door, can quickly and efficiently enhance mutual communication, understand customer needs, and to put forward good advice. What are the specific benefits? 1, meet communication more efficient, can immediately answer customers concern; 2, the scene to assess the volume of the goods, after calculate the accurate volume, can fully according to customer requirements, design for the customer the safest the most economic and reasonable transportation plan; 3, staff will carry the cartons and auxiliary packaging materials samples, packing case photos, for the customer presentation on the spot and answer customer questions at any time; 4, when evaluating staff at the door, it will also record delivery truck parking location and details of the goods, in order to pick up the goods packaging in the future; 5, in the process of on-site assessment, the staff can according to your own experience, transport of goods to the customer to provide advice, at the same time can also find some customers didn't pay attention to the risk of cultural relics, such as suspected contraband, limiting exit other articles, etc. , for customers to save more time and energy; 6, if the customer need to pack some personal items, staff will introduce self-help packaging technique and matters needing attention, and provide the appropriate amount of packaging materials for free. However, small make up remind you to prepare the international logistics customer here: different international logistics staff on-site assessment of the volume will be different, partly because they would consider the interests of the company, at the time of assessment will be false volume, second is because some companies set up soon, don't have much service experience, intentionally understate false, so, when choosing international logistics lp must choose strong professionalism, good service quality, nice international logistics lp users here.
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