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International logistics lp for different shapes of objects is how to evaluate the volume

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
For preparing immigration logistics friend in consult international logistics lp to get quotation, the volume of the items, they may ask you how many, is this why? In fact in international logistics, logistics the amount of the price and the volume you want to transport goods, Cubic CBM) Is proportional to the relationship, so understand how to evaluate the volume for budgeting is very important, so when get quotes can prevent irregular logistics lp blind evaluation and increase unnecessary costs. So in the face of numerous, different shape, different sizes of furniture and other personal items, how to evaluate the volume? 1, the volume calculation of large goods for larger items, can use tape to measure the longest, the widest, the trilateral numerical, according to the formula: volume = width is high, it is concluded that the volume of a single object, such as below, for the irregular shape of the blanks all still need to calculate and pay the freight volume ( Note that items will have increased after the packing volume) : volume calculation for those 2, scattered items such as clothes, shoes, handicrafts, books, bed sheets, bedding, small appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances of discrete items, you can put them in a box in estimating the volume, some common size is as follows: clothing box size: 60 cm40cm50cm = 0. 12m3( 8 clothing box is about 1 cubic) ; Books box size: 55 cm40cm30cm = 0. 07m3( 14 books box is about 1 cubic) ; Dress hanger containers size: 100 cm60cm50cm = 0. 3m3( Three dress hanger containers is about 1 cubic) 。 3, consult international logistics lp you consult international logistics lp, their staff will ask you style items or pictures, according to their years of service experience, the names of the objects from guess the size of the volume of items, or you can log on to the logistics lp's website, basically have self-help volume assessment tool, by means of which you can estimate the volume of the probably. If you want to know the specific volume, with the international logistics lp can reserve under the door and assessment services in general, formal logistics lp through on-site assessment, communication with customers, can put forward good advice, and has many benefits: ( 1) With staff face to face communication, to oneself care about some of the problems can be effectively answer ( 2) Staff on-site assessment, can carry the cartons and ancillary packaging material sample, you can look at how these packing materials under the specific production, whether can effectively protect their items. ( 3) Because the international logistics involve the relevant state policies, such as cultural relics antique food entry, exit and Australia are prohibited, by this time the door of the assessment staff, will be to transport the goods to you with Suggestions, after all, they often do this aspect of the service, know more, be safe for you to save more time and energy, reduce the risk of the goods was detained by customs. ( 4) Some prepare buffet packaging items, logistics lp staff will introduce you to some independent packaging technique and related matters needing attention, and will provide a certain number of packaging materials or cartons. 4, about volume volume refers to the items for fee collection packaged into the box after loading container or bound volume in the tray, this is the final billing to the volume, so for you to measure objects, needs to increase 20% About 30% of the reserve volume. So it can guarantee fees in accordance with, according to the payment. 5, about saving volume since the cost of international logistics and is proportional to the volume, so how to save the volume is very important. Online said some strategy, under the condition of the furniture itself is not very heavy to light some of items such as bedding bedding, clothing, etc with a clean bag wrapped in a drawer of furniture, interlayer or other space to save the volume, though this is feasible in theory, but it will attract the attention of the destination customs, especially the New Zealand immigration is strict place such as the us and Canada, they will think you are placing smuggled goods, will split open a case to check customs clearance lag, demurrage and inspection fee, do more harm than good. A better approach is to big furniture can open it packaging is open, not as far as possible not to plug contents; Scattered small items can be received with suitcases and boxes filled with clothes quilt can use vacuum bag compressed volume, etc. More than the volume of items is the self assessment of the related content, hope can help you for the logistics. If you to evaluate if the volume is not sure, you can contact VIPU Supply Chain of international customer service, and provide a list of items, they will quickly for you complete evaluation, volume and quotation scheme is given.
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