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International logistics logistics: personal items LCL by sea

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Personal belongings LCL is personal belongings are frequently used shipping mode of transportation of the performance-to-price ratio is high, very suitable for some items need to carry more than the average volume or weight of the international express delivery, but not so much the international logistics at home and abroad. Personal items by sea LCL profile (LCL cargo 不到装箱、拼箱) Is relative terms of FCL cargo, to fill a whole container of the receipts of the goods. This kind of goods, usually by referring to the carrier ( Or agents)  will be more than two ticket goods assembled together in a container, as LCL.   actual weight of goods for the weighing goods after get the physical weight of the weight = after weighing goods get physical volume weight / 1000 ( Or 1:500) After measurement of cargo volume = goods long ( cm) × Width ( cm) × High ( cm) ÷ = 1000000 cubic meters multiplied by the total number of goods or replaced by a unit of rice: the length * width * height * total number results it is concluded that the total number of cubic. Chargeable weight ( The unit is freight ton) = volume weight and volume weight, in comparison with the larger calculation for the unit transportation cost tons. LCL can be divided into straight spell or spell, straight spell refers to the goods in the same LCL container port, don't split open a case before cargo arrival destination port, the goods for the same port of discharge. Such LCL service delivery period is short, fast and convenient, general powerful LCL company can provide such services. Turn out is refers to the goods of the container is not the same port of destination, need midway unpacking the unloading or transshipment. Such goods for the port of destination is differ, for ship long time, so the shipment date is longer, even the freight is on the high side. Compared with the whole case goods, LCL cargo flow cost is higher, customs clearance procedure is more complicated, takes much time but is also longer. LCL, although there are some shortcomings and the inconvenience in because of its high cost performance in international shipping, international logistics is still very common. VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain too many customers are using this style of international logistics logistics.
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