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International logistics is so simple: one-stop logistics is favored by overseas immigrants

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Moving overseas is the dream of many Chinese. However, after getting the green card, many people have trouble with logistics. In the past, moving a house in the country had to be tossed for half a month, and it was inevitable to knock off a corner here and rub off a piece of paint there. If you really want to move your family to a foreign country, just thinking about it will be difficult. Some people decide that furniture can be given away if it can be given away, and if it can be resold, it will be sold quickly, and then go abroad to buy a new set of new furniture. But for high-value mahogany furniture, or old furniture with commemorative significance, it is better to find ways to bring them abroad.   When it comes to starting logistics, finding a satisfactory international logistics company is a work of individual and mental work. Domestic freight companies that provide international business definitely can't count on it. The combined transportation of personal and trade goods is bad enough, and they don't understand the logistics policy at all and cannot give effective advice. At present, domestic companies specializing in international logistics business have uneven quality. In addition to taking advantage of new immigrants’ lack of understanding of policies, language vulnerabilities, sitting on the ground, high fees, and arbitrary fees, the attitude of early consultation and explanation is often good. After getting on the ship, it was like changing someone completely, and all the later processes were ignored. Many immigrants lament: International logistics depends on luck! Even if it is hard to find a reliable international logistics company, not all immigrants can spare a lot of energy to deal with such cumbersome matters as furniture packaging, preparation of customs declaration materials, customs declaration, customs clearance and port delivery, furniture placement and installation, etc. . The international logistics may be abandoned due to the lack of time, the complicated customs clearance process, and the unfamiliar place of life.  Fortunately, there are already professional international logistics companies in China that provide one-stop international logistics services that are in line with international standards. One phone to make an appointment for logistics time and one phone to confirm the delivery time can easily complete international logistics, eliminating all complicated and trivial operations in the middle. You can also enjoy all the following personalized customization services. Free door-to-door quotation: If the customer has the intention of logistics, they only need to make an appointment through the official website or phone at a suitable time, and professional staff will come to the door for free to measure the volume of the furniture that needs to be moved, and according to the time and specific services selected by the customer, Give a one-time detailed and transparent quotation, no need to bear any additional costs, the whole process is clear and transparent.  Home packaging: Once the cooperation intention is confirmed and the contract is signed, for customers with few logistics items, they can send professional packaging materials free of charge according to the customer's needs, and provide customers with packaging techniques for different items, which are packaged by the customer. For customers who have many items, or who have large, valuable, and fragile items, we can provide on-site logistics services. Just arrange a good time, and there will be experienced logistics personnel to come and pack. Pots and pans that are as small as fragile, and mahogany furniture worth millions of dollars will be handled carefully according to the company's professional packaging process to ensure that nothing is lost in the process of transportation. Customs clearance on behalf of: Customs declaration and customs clearance are more troublesome links in transportation. Many customers do not have experience in this area. It is easy for the furniture to be unable to clear customs as personal belongings due to operational errors. Pay an extra tariff for nothing, or communicate and operate The process incurs additional costs. And professional international logistics companies can make customs declaration lists for customers, provide customs clearance services on their behalf, and use years of service experience to provide customers with tax-free customs clearance skills.  Home delivery and assembly: After completing the customs clearance process, the customer can pick up the goods at the port or choose to deliver the goods to the door. Professional staff will move the goods to the customer's new home within the agreed time, carefully remove the packaging materials, and reassemble the disassembled and transported furniture, and place them reasonably according to the customer's wishes. At the same time, the garbage and waste generated are processed and taken away uniformly.  All the above links are combined to truly realize the full-process custody service of personal zero operation. A multinational logistics is even simpler than domestic logistics. Customers can also freely match one or more of these services according to their actual conditions to meet individual needs, making the entire logistics process safer, more cost-effective, and more assured.  One-stop international logistics service, which has been successfully operated in China for several years. At present, it is favored by more and more high-end immigrants. According to the service data provided by the company, the major immigration countries are the logistics destinations that Chinese people are keen on. Whether it is North America or Australia, there are customers who choose it; whether it is in Europe, Japan, Korea, or Singapore, it has a high reputation. As people increasingly pursue service quality and quality of life, the one-stop logistics concept of winning with service will inevitably become the trend of the logistics industry.
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