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International logistics in the cast when protecting should pay attention to?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
At present, the immigration logistics abroad is common. Openness to new migrants because many countries duty-free policy, many immigrants will select all the private domestic goods shipped to abroad. Because of shipping for a long time, far away, in order to avoid in the process of transport goods were damaged, the way people will choose to buy insurance to guarantee, the insured in the international logistics, what are the considerations? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain according to many years of experience, summed up the following considerations: 1. You must be insured for all items for each ready to carry items must be within the scope of the insured, not accept some items arranged separately. 2. Your packing require VIPU Supply Chain international recognition, packaging items without kam fai international recognition by you, we will be unable to meet any loss caused to you, our company except for approval or packaging items. 3. Reset you must cover the insured value at the destination at the destination of the cost of replacement of ultimate value, you might find it hard to know the real value of the destination item, but you should know enough to the cost of living. 4. To evaluate the value of the goods to you for valuation of the item, will directly affect the average value of the claim. For example, if your $100 worth of chair, changing the destination of the replacement cost is $200, in the case of irreparable damage to put forward the claim, you will be deemed to underestimate the 50% of the value of the item, you will get only 50% of the claim. 5. List details you need to list everything that the amount of items to be ready for shipment, and adjacent project fill in value in the list. For example, if you have three administrative office chair in the destination countries value for 200. $00, you should write: number of commodity value 3 chairs US $600. 00 if the value of one of the chairs is 400. 00, then you should list the number respectively commodity value 1 chair ( The boss chair) US$400. The chair (002 Receive a visitor chair) US$200. 00 once you lists all of the projects, international logistics will be calculated on the basis of the value of each column to insure. High value items to cover any more than $500 worth of high value items, must be declared value especially. Please note that all claims may need ownership certificate, certificate of value and the loss and damage. 7. Storage problem in the process of transportation, if the item needs in the process of transportation, warehousing, please VIPU warehouses are designated by the Supply Chain, such as storage location is not within the scope of this, happen items lost, damaged, is not within the scope of coverage; 8. Do not fall within the scope of insurance in the following circumstances: A loss or damage caused by any government behavior, the loss caused by the customs authority or official confiscation. B due to the goods value depreciation of transportation delays. C packaged goods without our approval by the shipper D due to packing material problems caused by the loss and damage. E jewellery, precious stones, cash, money, bank notes, contracts, traveler's checks, COINS, stamps or alcohol, beverage, food and other prohibited items such as lost and damaged. F the loss caused by climatic conditions or wear and tear, insect pests or the loss caused by the change of the inherent defects. G anything internal electrical equipment, machinery, data of damage or wear and tear shall not claim, unless there is external damage in delivery. H is lost or damaged before the insurance costs are not yet received no compensation. I for car own loss or damage caused by power out of control. J caused by war, nuclear and radiation or radioactive pollution, the damage caused by uncontrollable factor.
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