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International logistics in China Taiwan those little common sense

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Taiwan is small, too, from cities to the countryside, the mountains, to the sea, lake valley to the pond, everywhere is sending out the different amorous feelings, worth to savor. Enjoy in Taipei, tainan taste, a taste in kaohsiung, stroll kenting. Often have customers to inquire, we are shipping logistics to Taiwan, China, and moved to other places have what distinction, which need to be paid attention to. Small make up today, will come to tell you about Taiwan to China in the international logistics of those little common sense. Personal items: documents required: 1, the shipper's passport scanning ( Photo page) ; Original Marine bill of lading or airway bill (2, Electricity put the bill of lading is also acceptable) ; 3, list scanning; 4, must be the consignee on bill of lading must show the name of the consignor, And passport) , C/O destination agent information; Five, six months before the arrival of the goods of immigration records scanning in Taiwan; 6, entry card scanned documents, including the entry date and arrival flight information; 7, the shipper needs to provide a resident visa, if his goods contains prohibited item. Customs regulation: the need to pay the tax items and tax rates are as follows: note: 1, each family is allowed only a stove, a refrigerator, a dryer, air conditioning, TV, acoustics, dehumidifying agent, amplifiers, revolving stage, speakers, tape recorders, receiver. Everything, as long as the number of more reasonable, is to collect taxes. 2, the above items must be personal items to use, if it is new, should remove the original packaging, repackaging, avoid the high tariffs. Note: 1, private items must be within 6 months after the arrival of the consignor, transport; 2, before the shipper cargo arrived in Taiwan, the shipper must be in Taiwan. 3, before the goods arrived in Taiwan, it is necessary to put the shipper's passport information and all the goods sent to Taiwan agent; 4, please note that container car running is prohibited in the city centre; 5, if there is wooden pallet in the whole case, need to be displayed on the bill of lading CY to CFS, avoid to produce additional costs and delays to customs examination. If the goods is the whole case goods, you need to show CY - on the bill of lading CY; 6, is banned the import of the following items: A, counterfeit, confidential paper, money, or printed cardboard or die casting currency; B, gambling devices, lottery and other abroad of the same size of the issue of the ticket; C, pornographic and obscene books, publications, paintings, articles and audio data; D, publicize communism publications and articles; E, though it is not the same, production, manufacture or originated in communist China, north Korea, Vietnam, Albania, Romania, the U. 年代。 年代。 R the previous country or Cuba's articles are to be confiscated; F, weapons, weapons, ammunition, explosives, poisonous gas, and other weapons of war; G, opium, cannabis, cocaine and other dangerous drugs; H, toy guns, decorative sword and knife; Articles I, patent infringement, design and trademark, and copyright of others; J, according to other laws and regulations, the smuggled goods, such as: fruit, vegetables and other foods, from those with harmful pests and plant diseases, or from the infected area to some of the animals and pets; K, for ivory, skin, fur from endangered species, such as shipper must get the CITES permit before import. If not, these goods will be confiscated, shipper will be prosecuted. 7, antique: if, in accordance with the personal goods import is exempt from tax.
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