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International logistics how to save the logistics cost

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
If you select the international logistics service, the most concerned about is the costs of transportation problem, how to effectively save the logistics cost, spend the least money sent most of the items? Here are VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to provide some Suggestions about how to save the international logistics cost: 1, and the choice of formal international logistics lp in advance can consultation, choose a have a certain popularity and good reputation in the international company, ask for quotation list, in order to avoid occurrence of the low-cost, high destination charge hidden fees 2, selection of packaging materials can be told in advance logistics lp to provide more appropriate packaging materials, but the accumulation of at ordinary times also is very be necessary, such as waste carton newspaper; New home appliance of foam, shockproof membrane; Cotton, cloth, etc. , are all very good packaging material, these do not need to spend money waste product at the right time can better protect your & other; Throughout the home &; 3, a sure the goods to be sent before decided to reserve logistics lp door-to-door delivery, shall determine all of the items, try to avoid placing later found to have other goods need to send the status of the shipment, to cover positions unnecessary expenses. 4, appropriate to discard is too heavy and no unnecessary items, volume and weight is the charge standard of international logistics lp, appropriate part with big unnecessary items are necessary, you may pay for the freight is enough to change a new. 5, the correct reasonable packaging, clever use of space if you can reasonable packaging, can be as much as possible of the loading of the items you want to transport, so as to improve service price. : (more packing details, please refer to the proposal 1) Item classification packaging boxes, want to consider various impact friction in the process of transportation, 2) Big clothing with good garment cap, level off into the box, and attach moistureproof agent ( 3) Shoes need a shoe box installed, the inside of the shoe aperture can be tucked into is suitable for the small volume of sundry, finally along with all the shoes with plastic bags tied ( 4) Fragile goods need to separate a shockproof membrane packing is good, again into a special box, need the sea all round, newspapers such as shock packs ( 5) For the big furniture, can remove to remove the packing as far as possible, and the parts are marked so that the assembly again, 6) Large home appliance to prevent scratches protection, and in each Angle place with corner protector ( 7) Sporadic small objects as far as possible the packaging, using the lost pieces, in order to avoid handling way slide ( 8) All kinds of kitchen utensils and tools packing and load in the whole, to avoid accidentally hurt when unloading
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