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International logistics how to carry and mailing drugs of exit and entry

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
As people living standard improving, attention to the health of themselves and friends more and more is also high. A lot of people to travel abroad, travel goods brought some medicines for a rainy day, some people also need to foreign friends and relatives to mail the domestic production of medicines, medicinal materials, etc. For carrying and mailing drugs, however, many countries have strict rules, know in advance which can carry or mail, quantitative restrictions, which belongs to the contraband cannot carry or mail is necessary. To this end, VIPU Supply Chain international small make up and said to said to you! Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the after processing of medicinal part of origin raw medicinal materials. Proprietary Chinese medicine refers to Chinese medicine raw materials processed configuration on the basis of certain prescription drugs. The customs have strict rules for the management of the Chinese herbal medicine of inbound and outbound. First, the passengers carrying Chinese herbal medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, went to Hong Kong and Macao regions, the total 150 yuan, went to abroad, limit of RMB 300. Second, personal mail Chinese traditional medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, sent to Hong Kong and Macao regions, the total 100 yuan, sent abroad, limit of RMB 200. What need reminds is, musk is not allowed to be carried or sent abroad. In addition, with respect to passengers bringing, mailed into medicinal antelope horn limit 50 grams, after the passenger is allowed free of duty; Beyond the limit, the customs approval documents by the office of national import and export of endangered species management, in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on import and export tariff of tax. Carrying, mailing, antelope horn, of the People's Republic of China on import and export of endangered species, 'allow export certificate' issued by the management office. Speaking of traditional Chinese medicine, people will soon think of the article about & other; Chinese with proprietary Chinese medicine licorice piece to the us, was sentenced to five years shall not enter & throughout; In the post. Need to pay special attention to, for & other; Compound liquorice slice & throughout; This kind of compound preparations, as well as some proprietary Chinese medicine, which may contain special control, also may contain some countries do not allow the use of plant, animal, mineral composition, etc. If is really necessary to carry, it is suggested that to know in advance to the relevant provisions of the state. For drug immigration is very strict in some countries, such as, regulations don't allow visitors to bring Chinese herbal medicine, western medicine also want according to stay, good dose calculation. So, don't be careless or put fluky psychology, otherwise it may cause the machine to repatriate the consequences. Prescription narcotics for general prescription drugs, psychotropic drugs in our country's 'imported drugs management method' thirtieth sets 9 times: & other; Inbound and outbound personnel carrying small amounts of drugs for personal use, shall be for personal use, in reasonable quantity is limited, and subject to customs control. ” Some countries are not allowed to bring prescription drugs from abroad to domestic, as a result, even excluding special control composition of medicines, also should pay attention to the relevant provisions of the relevant countries. From the perspective of drug safety, drug commonly also not suitable for long-term use, need according to the condition changes by the doctor diagnoses, adjust the use. Here especially to be sure, the country is have strict rules for narcotics and psychotropic substances. If a person due to the need of treating diseases, personal by the medical diagnosis, personal identity certificate of medical institutions, can carry a single prescription within the maximum amount of narcotics and psychotropic drugs of category I and Carrying narcotics and entry and exit of psychotropic drugs of category I, by the customs according to the principle of personal use, in reasonable clearance. Specific provisions readers can refer to the 'regulations on the administration of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs'. Need special control material is contained in some drugs, such as morphine, codeine, tramadol composition such as narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. These drugs for patients is used for medicinal purposes, but if the into illegal channels is abused, it will become a & other; Drugs & throughout; 。 Special tips based on the above reasons, here small make up remind, carrying medicine of exit and entry need to be careful, don't taboo. It is recommended that the personnel entry and exit to carry drugs to understand the relevant management regulations of the state, can consult the embassy ahead of schedule, in accordance with the provisions in the customs entry and exit to take the initiative to declare; Generally don't for others to take drugs, more can't go to sell drugs; Really need for their treatment, must take relevant certificates. In addition, don't. . . . . . in the use of drugs, cherish life, protect health. How delivery drugs to go abroad first, contact a forwarder company can go drugs, most of the forwarder in the international express company don't accept drugs, only a few forwarder company can go drugs, express drug abroad, but the price must be high, the ordinary goods price also because drug belongs to sensitive goods, the official channels to walk without the drug. Then buy drugs at home, send to the forwarder company, after forwarding company received the goods, will check the goods, need to packaging, packaging, sealing for some drugs, the drugs, the phenomenon such as in case the goods were damaged in transit. After receiving the drug, followed by forwarding company providing foreign information: country, city, detailed address, zip code, recipient, telephone and other information. After paid the forwarder company will give you prepare data, and then sent to the foreign destination. Finally is the forwarder company to arrange transport of goods: drug international express issued & rarr; Destination ( The United States) → Customs clearance & rarr; Delivery & rarr; Sign for it. The whole operation process is complete, a ticket goods to the recipient hand! Note: 1, no matter what medicine, as long as it is legal, in mainland China can flow, it is not illegal can be sent abroad. 2, liquid medicine need good packaging, to prevent damage in transit. In addition, you can also go EMS, because EMS customs clearance ability is strongest, but drugs if they do not conform to the requirements of the destination country for the customs, may be detained by the customs confiscated destroyed, of course, there is no question of general medicine
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