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International logistics how to avoid additional shipping costs?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
In the process of international logistics, if you want to save freight cost, in other words to avoid frontal outside transportation cost, it is important to understand the transport company operation process. Will, of course, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain in each link to control, to remind the customer, but might as well look at myself: first, setting tank, early ready in time. Some owners, one or two before shipment cut off period the world order, and delivery to the warehouse or terminal before you inform the shipping company. Seasoned owners understand their operating procedures, generally do not do so. Generally liner shipping date is a week class, the shipper should advance booking, according to the shipping company to arrange time into the storehouse, too early and late delivery is bad. Because ihave to boat on the cut off period, until the next ship, have extended storage fee. Second, the customs clearance smoothly or not directly related to the cost. Customs declaration, if not by the day alone is trailer company charge pressure is a big part of the fare. If the trailer is catch the second carrier cut off period, no catch up with the shipment due to customs clearance delays, so, the next day to catch the next one boat pier, Hong Kong wharf of extended storage fee will be a big number. Often ask shipper check carefully whether the customs declaration documents is correct, complete and then arrange the shipment. Third, the actual loading situation after the change, must change the declaration documents. Every customs routine check goods, the customs found live-fire number with the number of customs declaration, will buckle under investigation. This will not only produce check ark fee, dock stockpiling fees, customs fines will certainly let you heartache for a long time.
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