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International logistics how fragile, handicraft processing

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Fragile, arts and crafts in logistics how to deal with to be safe? Presumably this is for all logistics customer would ask a question, also need special handling logistics lp logistics item type. Small make up today to discuss the logistics, how to handle fragile and arts and crafts. First of all, let us have a science, and what is fragile and crafts? Simple for a chestnut: the company at the front desk or factory gates placed the vase, the collection of all kinds of vessels, and large antique ( Customers usually deal with small volume) Belong to arts and crafts, and vertical mirror, photo frame, larger vessels and even boiler bowl gourd ladle spoonfuls belongs to fragile. So to lift and transport logistics lp in responsible for this part of the goods, must want to undertake the following treatment: a, according to the different kinds of goods, require different packing. Different breakable, special items, have different packaging, ordinary commodities, such as a mirror, such as boiler bowl gourd ladle spoonfuls, if fragile, can choose to use small towel, divided into several parts, then united parcel together with big blanket, then careful handling and transportation, best outer plus relatively fragile items such as paper box, paper, so that it can reduce the large blanket deformation or be squeezed and the consequences. Second, relatively expensive, or relatively bulky items, need to be more cautious. Relatively expensive items, or relatively bulky items, should be more careful attention, must take special cartons, has a certain hardness to blossom, but before that, must fill the bubble, bubble cushion inside the box to the buffer, and can not be placed in a carton or two or more items, avoid to produce extrusion, touch and transportation when the vehicle vibration, its handling and so on. Small make up to tell you, whether or not a logistics lp can to properly handle fragile, handicraft, safe transportation, is one of the important indicators to measure whether the logistics lp professional.
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