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International logistics have what procedures, specific how to deal with?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Immigrants settled abroad in recent years has become more and more Chinese people choice, then the resulting is international logistics, domestic logistics, international logistics to overseas, however more trouble. So what's the procedure of international logistics, specific how to deal with? To safeguard our interest? 1, when we need to prepare for the international logistics, certainly aware of their needs; So we are looking for matching the appropriate international logistics lp, need to own disposable provide complete information, such as; What are the items? When to move? Move out of the city address? Move to the city zip code? Destination identity types? ( The more complete information, the more information collected has the reference significance. ) Of course, if we don't have clear concept; to the volume of goods We can let the logistics lp to send someone to assess the volume in the home, so that we can accurately judge the move out of the goods and the transport volume and price. 2, wait for after we demand information release out, you can wait for logistics lp return; After the quotation and other documents collection, it's easier to get the budget of the multinational logistics, the specific price will increase or decrease according to the actual situation. Professional international logistics lp usually listed clearly, each item how much charge versa clear, clear. If, the other party provides the lump sum price; May be required to offer decomposition. Then in several transverse comparison. 3, analysis according to the collected quotation, will fear or are faced with the problem after the list item for confirmation. At the same time, the bargain is a must, logistics as well. First, we need to know the international logistics cost is how to calculate, so when we face all kinds of price can be clear at a glance. Too high price, can be directly out. Of course, this link is more important than price is service details and quality. More than 4, check after two rounds of collect and review, we are more easy to filter out several more quality international logistics lp institutions need to prepare the material, the work team, ahead of schedule to book and service quality also is closely related to planning time to prepare. ( The reserved 7 - best time 10 days) After, data set contract documents, the personal documents submitted in advance; Leave the declaration and clearance documents will need to personal files, give better than passive for in advance. Above is not so hasty, pressing time. Data usually needs to prepare; Passport, green card, social security number, etc. Different countries, information is slightly different. 6, communication by this link, basically completes the formalities; Behind the need to do is keep close communication and service. In fact, behind most of them are with one; The door packaging, departure clearance, international shipping, installation of discharge in destination port customs clearance, sent home, and also do not need what you're doing. Only need to pay attention to is that, after packaging; Some fragile or irregular ( Precious) Item requires additional told, it is necessary to make wooden case under the condition of protection. International logistics notice: 1) International logistics formalities mainly is looking for a solid, professional international logistics service provider, at the back of the things are very simple. 2) Between professional and non-professional don't the price as the reference standard, it is important to note in the same field horizontal contrast, such as service and case, etc. 3) Package is related to the international logistics transportation safety, so we need to carefully accept international logistics packaging solutions for special items.
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