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International logistics from Shanghai to Melbourne should pay attention to what?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Melbourne is a pleasant climate, the environment elegant, high quality of life of the living one of the city, so, get a green card immigrants in Australia in the past, we should consider logistics from Shanghai to Melbourne should pay attention to what is the problem? A, purchasing items 1, issued by the past, you can buy some kitchen supplies in the local buy or more expensive; 2, the curtain can consider purchasing in China in the past, you buy over there, of course, not cheap, but can not buy classy material; 3, articles for daily use, although not shipped so many goods are suspected of items, but the articles for daily use, of course, in China also buy some desirable. 4, Chinese style furniture, Australian customs in 23 - Layers of galilee, as 30%, and finally you see the price in Australia is usually 3 - in China 5 times. In addition, the new immigration and a chance to duty-free carry personal items, so don't miss it. Second, logistics lp 1 choice. There is no doubt a Shanghai local international logistics lp will, of course, compared to the long distance to save money, save worry, energy saving; The risk of goods circulation is the most direct factors of transshipment. Cost and vice-versa. 2. Carefully screened quotation documents. So long as has the quotation documents issued by the company of believes the embodiment of service one by one also; Can't do service is impossible in the file. 3. The contract, be full of legal benefits; For a company, will not be bound by hollowing out on the case. There are two of the most precious for a company: the first is the time, the second is the brand. 4. Above points are basically can let oneself into the selective; If you don't trust myself to some, the same word can identify true and false. Three 1, file security, customs clearance documents need to communicate with customer service in advance, and then provide the Copy; The complete file form also needs to be done in advance; Can't give clearance on cycle extension of danger; 2, qing GuanDengLu, here I recommend that you log in Melbourne in advance; Customs clearance on the way, if the customs need to provide supplementary documents or other can also cooperate to communicate in a timely manner. 3, sign for it, in the process of our logistics to buy insurance is essential; So, to sign for once appear abnormal, be sure to sign for it in the list remarks; At the same time, the notification service will arrange insurance program.
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