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International logistics from China to Japan to choose which way? How to operate?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
As the tourism in recent years, Japan study abroad gradually rise, after a lot of people come to Japan, feeling the Japanese high-quality living environment, perfect social security system, abundant medical education resources, will choose to move to Japan to start a new life. But if you want to move to Japan will have to face a choice, how international logistics from China to Japan, a series of complex problems. Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to share, China international logistics to choose what kind of way in Japan, how to operate? Mode, choice of China international logistics to the Japan international logistics to Japan there are two kinds of mode of transportation: air and sea. Item is less, can choose by air, if the item is more, more than 1 cubic, can choose the shipping logistics to Japan. Went to Japan and shipping logistics also has two kinds of mode of transportation, door to port service and door to door service. Easier then the door to door logistics one-stop logistics services, is the most relaxed and simple logistics transportation way to Japan. To Japan VIPU logistics Supply Chain international logistics lp door to door there are two ways, one is the whole ark, suitable for a large quantity of goods, if temporary add something so long as there is space will cost extra. The other is a LCL, suitable for goods quantity is little, a little amount of people don't want a container shipping, because of the high cost, more profitable LCL. Logistics security aspect, to Japan VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is in the international logistics association members, and our agent in abroad is also in the international logistics association members, all of the services are provided in accordance with the standards of international logistics association within. Logistics to Japan have professional staff to follow up all the way, you may rest assured. Two, China international logistics operation flow to Japan 1, confirm the mode of transportation and offer online consulting international logistics, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of the personnel of the service according to the information you provide, the volume of items such as handling, and the destination address of start shipment ground, such as size, will tailor international logistics solutions, for you provide the destination customs policy advice and goods packaging Suggestions, etc, and then offer according to your choice of services. 2, evaluating and measuring volume after the confirmation of consulting, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will arrange business commissioner, door-to-door free volume measurement and calculation for your goods shipment and arrival time, and according to your details of items being checked to calculate the accurate quotation. 3, confirmation of order, and the door packing after confirmation of order, signed the international logistics transport contract ', and according to your schedule, for you to choose a suitable shipping date and booking, booking we will be with you after the completion of the appointed time the door packaging services, professional packaging team, skilled business commissioner and supervisor with special packaging materials and tools, to provide professional packaging items for you. 4, certificate provided by the operator can according to your information and the packing list, for you in the port of shipment to private goods customs declaration, the customs clearance after the completion of the will advise to you by email. Within 3 days after shipment for your booking the shipping company will issue the ocean bill of lading, will put the Marine bill of lading electricity and statements provide to you confirm, you can arrange payment to the designated account when confirmed. 5, the port of destination customs clearance and delivery according to your choice of services, the port of destination of the service pattern will be different. International logistics from China to Japan, from the door measurement evaluation, packing, customs clearance, delivery to the door, the assembly furniture, sanitary cleaning process. FCL transportation about half a month time can reach the port of destination, and the other a LCL transportation, because the operation procedure is relatively more, usually need 1 - 2 months time.
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