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International logistics for export, product type transfer _VIPUTRANS why Hong Kong

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
People all know that the goods to the Hong Kong does not need to tariffs. Because Hong Kong is a free trade city, the general international logistics will choose to cross the border in Hong Kong. Second, some products can be flown to Hong Kong, but not by air to China. China needs to import license, but don't need the import license in Hong Kong, such as cosmetics and accessories. In addition, in Hong Kong, is easy to program and tax cuts, customs charge, not to impose value added tax. Abstract: the Hong Kong transit benefits: 1, easy to operate from Hong Kong to shenzhen, most of people use express mail to declare customs. They don't have to worry about the goods to Hong Kong from abroad formalities. Most of them express declaration form. They are handled by our logistics platform, the platform is simple, and trouble-free. 2, cost reduction is the best in the world free trade port of Hong Kong. 19 years in a row; Throughout the world's best free economy &; The title of honor. Hong Kong will not interfere with international logistics goods into, also won't impose tariffs. So far, most of the international logistics warehouse, will choose to cross the border in Hong Kong. 3, rapid program simple, nature will save a lot of time, logistics fast nature. In addition, the Hong Kong to shenzhen customs, the basic day will pass, time is saved, speed will be faster, 4, of course, security compared with domestic, Hong Kong customs will not seized goods, from Hong Kong to shenzhen express to seize the possibility of even to zero. It is more safe than directly imported into the country. Because of this, most international logistics platform will choose transit in Hong Kong, save time and save money, and it also convenient for customers with the fastest speed of delivery.
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