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International logistics federation ( FIDI) introduce

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
FIDI, international logistics federation, or the international logistics association, is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, was founded in 1951. Most of the early to participate in the group is the European logistics lp. Until 1970, when the organization made adjusted FIDI didn't become a global organization, now has more than 20 association and many subsidiaries around the world ( In countries haven't FIDI national association) 。 The organization in the logistics industry is still in relatively chaos of China's rare to hear, but on a global scale is already a judge whether logistics lp formal standards. FIDI aim is to provide a platform, in order to looking for reliable, high quality international logistics lp. The trade federation has the strict accounting registration system, namely FAIM. Not many companies can achieve this standard, so FAIM level of member companies are apparent. FIDI FAIM system standardizes the check in all aspects of the company, such as finance, management, operations, customer service, etc. Their evaluation criteria put quality first, to ensure that its member companies with high quality service in the business operation. Also, but all FIDI member company can have access to a global network system. The system consists of a high reputation of service providers. For example, when FIDI member companies to freight to Asia, but it was not his own agent in Asia. So it can be found in the FIDI system cooperate brother companies in Asia. Because FIDI levels of the company can be trusted. At present, China has few international logistics lp FIDI membership, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is still in active application FIDI qualifications, in FIDI member qualification observation period, and VIPU Supply Chain of most international partners have FIDI qualification, it is also a VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain more standardized, professional advantage.
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