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International logistics customs clearance when China customs required files

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
In the process of international logistics, after the goods arrived in China port, the customs of the Chinese government officials will be out, entry items if there were any contraband and whether tax inspection, the customs regulations restricted/prohibited items is a lot of more phyletic, the review is very strict. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain consultant in the process of international logistics services will be strictly controlled, to make sure that you won't because for policy to don't understand or omissions of any losses. Here is your entry and exit of goods needed by China customs clearance documents: foreigners Chinese nationals corporate employment units for companies to hire people for mainland representative office in Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan id card passport passport passport Taiwan compatriots certificate foreigners residence permit of the People's Republic of China ( Deadline for a full year) Visa ( Migration/work/study) Pass a resident visa business license copy of the employment permit/certificate representative employment permit employment permit/experts the employment permit declaration a power of attorney ( A signature) The People's Republic of China inbound and outbound passengers carrying luggage declaration form, and the sheet ( A signature) The list of items ( A signature) Marine bill of lading ( Import the required) About China's customs regulations, restricted and prohibited items and China customs, please refer to: national customs banned exports limited restrictions.
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