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International logistics comes some money saving tips when you know

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
As China's contact with the international more and more frequent, China now has more and more people go out, there are more people in the walk in. Immigrants are some of the migration since the first man is normal phenomenon, man struggles upwards water flows downwards, under the condition of the conditional everyone will choose a better way of life. Immigration this big wave isn't fade so far, has intensified. Nearly two years as the immigration market hot, its impetus of immigration related sideline became popular, the international logistics industry is one of essential. International logistics than the domestic logistics, operation difficulty is higher, process more complex, very few people willing to China logistics all of things to do. Packing goods, handle the container unloading, customs clearance, delivery, this a series of processes, normal people usually wear out. This a series of process done is complicated, cost is relatively high, cost tens of logistics cost, it is very common. The cost of logistics for the average working class is some difficult, even in the upper classes is not a small number of immigrant groups, too. In the international logistics, so have some of the ways to save money and channel? Small make up today is said to said to you, when the multinational logistics comes some money saving tips. You can to begin from the following several aspects: 1, screening logistics goods. International logistics and domestic logistics, there are a lot of clients in logistics at the same time as the pack, that also will take, will always feel useful, lead to a lot of things in no use value to take up the volume. So our customers before logistics must advance screening good items, multinational logistics transportation cost is high, the transport of goods must be super value. Screening of logistics from basic sense, is to reduce the items take up the volume, and thus reduce international logistics cost. 2, try to choose FCL shipments. According to VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of the background data analysis shows that the general customer items when multinational logistics footprint size all around 10 square, to fill a container, only through the bulk form do international logistics transportation, the price of this door to door transportation way the cost of the total cost is close to 20 feet container. At this point we would advise customer, if conditional word can increase to transport goods, gather full FCL for door to door service. From items per cubic meter, the unit price is not only much cheaper, the safety of the transport of goods will increase greatly. 3, large furniture disassembly into parts. International logistics occupies the most shipping volume is the large furniture, wardrobe closet, double bed, and so on. Such a large furniture disassembly as far as possible, if conditional remove remove into parts and package transportation, so we can save a large part of the shipping space. Everyone knows when international shipping is according to the number of cubic to calculate costs, maximize the use of space is also one way to save the logistics cost. 4, choose VIPU spell ark service international logistics Supply Chain. FCL is suitable for furniture and objects more customers, the goods is not much enough FCL shipping, bulk carrier, is too expensive, at this point you should choose VIPU Supply Chain the ark of the spell of international logistics services. As the name implies, is the destination for the same goods mixed container transportation, loading and unloading are all VIPU international Supply Chain warehouse operations, not only can fully guarantee the safety of the goods, also greatly reduce logistics costs. After more than small make up a summary of the believe that everyone in the international logistics have a little knowledge how to save money, the customer can choose according to oneself circumstance to the mode of transportation. If you don't know oneself how many cubic to transport of the goods, you can in VIPU international logistics Supply Chain website using online volume forecast tool, it can help you to accurately forecast the volume of your goods. If there are other questions, welcome to the online harassment our customer MM.
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