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International logistics checked the things about toys

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Toy is children's favorite, is also very common in international logistics, many immigrants through the international logistics form will be sent abroad toys, toy international shipper needs to pay attention to what issues? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to list the suggestion, for your reference. 1, toy international checked to avoid intellectual property disputes in domestic many toy manufacturers according to the characters in the international popular comic and Disney animation image based on manufacturing all kinds of doll accessories, painting and other toys, small modelling is exquisite, is popular among children, but also virtually this kind of toy brand owners of intellectual property rights have been infringed, the international logistics lp for this kind of goods is not the carrier, even through individual channels to other countries, if is was found out, the whole batch of goods will be returned or destroyed under the risk of a pyrrhic victory. 2. Toy international shipping can't need to pay attention to toy with the battery, magnetic items according to the regulation of the international shipping, with battery, magnetic items is not the carrier, now a lot of toys to use batteries and magnet effect of light and movement, although this in domestic transportation is allowed, but international shipping is strictly prohibited, if with battery and magnet items need to be the international shipping, need to remove the battery in advance, after the magnet magnetic shield can be shipped. 3. Toy international shipping needs to find a reasonable shipping channel a lot of toys are plastic, too pressure and impact, so toy international shipper need to look for safe and reliable transport channel, to guarantee safe toys, let toys in international shipping, no longer worried about damage risk, etc.
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