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International logistics by sea will temporarily increase cost?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
At present domestic has a variety of Marine transportation mode, two of the most basic common is: 1, CIF port transportation, CIF term in the translation for cost plus insurance and freight, ( Specify the port of destination, its original Cost, Insurance and Freight ( 。 。 。 名叫desti -港 国家) ; Simple means: choose the mode of transportation, freight forwarders need to complete the domestic operation ( Customs declaration, export order, dock, ship, transportation to the port and insurance) Not responsible for the port of destination charges and operation; 2,DDU、DDP ( DDU this term as' English Delivered Duty Unpaid, … 指定目的地) ', or 'duty unpaid delivery ( Specified destination) '。 It refers to the seller will prepared the goods, and the location of the delivery specified in the importer, the seller shall cover the cost of the goods shipped to the designated place ( Not including tariffs, taxes and import should be pay for the other official fees) The customs formalities, in addition to the seller shall bear the costs and risks. Simple means: DDU delivery duty unpaid, DDP has payment, delivery of goods directly shipped to the port of destination customs clearance, delivery, no need to oneself handle customs clearance formalities such as consignee; The above two kinds of mode of transportation is greatly respectively, cost and operating pattern is different: 1, CIF port transportation, freight only responsible for domestic transportation safety arriving at the port of destination, the operation is completed, do not bear any costs and operation, the port of destination consignee need to entrust other customs declaration company pick up the goods, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, the forwarder company without the shoulder any responsibility and cost; 2, DDU, DDP transportation, shipper or forwarder authorized by the supplier to the agent, lump sum fee processing at home and abroad, the consignee need pay customs charges ( Tax, etc. ) By forwarding company, operating bilateral customs clearance and delivery to door, quite express form of maritime transportation is extremely convenient; Conclusion: CIF port, the transportation to the port after will produce charge: devanning fee, dock fee, change single fee, file fee report, transfer fees, customs declaration, the customs fees, fees and the port of destination is unknown, according to different agents charge standard, also increase the possibility of also cannot be ignored; To door service, domestic and foreign all-in cost including devanning fee, dock fee, change single fee, file fee, transfer fee, customs clearance fee and customs report a pricing, in addition to some countries in addition to the special requirements of the customs fee or consignee, won't produce any costs; International logistics lp VIPU Supply Chain business with furniture furniture, private goods door to door one-stop service is given priority to, suitable for the second case. Simply put, VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain all expenses in the form of price is complete before shipping mark, in a contract of carriage:) you should worry about
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