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International logistics by sea LCL those things

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain focus on international logistics service, with professional terms, our main business is private goods international transportation services, and throughout our services through case studies, personal belongings LCL accounted for the largest proportion. So, what's the meaning of private goods LCL? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to conclude: personal items ( 个人的影响) This kind of goods and the difference between ordinary goods mainly lies in the customs declaration. Private goods customs declaration refers to the importer, settle the customs regulations were allowed to enter the passenger will be shipped within the prescribed time limit shall be reported to the home goods, provide a written application, settled in to prove, and other relevant formalities. In line with the principle of limited reasonable complete clearance, granted the customs duty. The guest to complete the way of customs clearance to pick up the goods. LCL ( 不到装箱、拼箱) Shipping terms, it is to point to the carrier, Or agents) Accept the shipper checked the number of less than full container freight receipts, according to the nature and destination for sorting. Put the goods to the same destination, to focus on a certain amount of assembled into the box. Due to a different inside the suitcase is the owner of the goods together, so called LCL. Personal belongings LCL, therefore, refers to a kind of relatively special shipping form, specifically individually-owned furniture furniture, such as excess baggage receipts personal belongings of the less than the whole case, through a special way of customs clearance, and other spell into a container at the same time, the owner of the goods shipped to destination countries. Personal belongings LCL is by far the most popular and the most competitive international logistics, international transportation way to personal belongings. But due to the particularity of customs clearance mode, the demand of the international logistics customers door to door, and expensive furniture in packaging and packing of rigid requirements, personal belongings LCL service professional logistics service providers for have very high requirements. The advantages and disadvantages of private goods LCL advantages: 1. Affordable, cheaper than Courier and FCL. 2. Cost is slightly lower, usually heavy goods 10 several tons of a container is usually hundreds or thousands of dollars, but LCL cargo in general only 10 - per ton About 80 dollars. Local charges will be less, because there is no special container truck, also do not need to box etc. 3. Convenient, when personal items not enough a container, LCL export. 4. Door is well-found, the agent can realize the transfer of goods to inland point at the port of destination. Shortcomings: 1, LCL can increase the transportation of the goods at the port of shipment shall be assembled and devanning and other logistics services at the port of destination, and during this process prone to logistics service problems, for example, in the dock for the operation, using the shipment might be rough, make produce damage to the outer packing of the goods, to increase the risk of logistics. 2, the shipping company only accept the whole container cargo booking, rather than directly accept LCL cargo booking, so only through shipping agent, will spell the LCL goods before booking to the ship company, almost all of the LCL shipment is through the forwarder company 'office, centralization distribution to realize the transportation. 3. LCL cargo billing tons will be accurate. LCL cargo before delivery, should ask the factory to the goods weight and size of measurement to be as accurate as possible delivery to the forwarder designated warehouses, warehouse will generally to measure, and will be in charge standard to measure the size and weight. In case of the factory to change the packing, should be required to promptly notify the factory, don't wait for the arrival of the goods to the forwarder warehouse, through the forwarder feedback, the information is often time is very tight, then change according to customs declaration, it is easy to delay the customs clearance, or producing the urgent customs clearance fee and port fee, etc. 4. Some port for LCL supply shortage, high cost, specializing LCL forwarder company to take goods cargo less minimum charge standard, such as the minimum is 2 freight ton, is less than 2 freight ton, and shall be measured at the two freight ton in charge. 5. LCL cargo import, because need distribution, customs clearance speed is slower than the FCL cargo!
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