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International logistics big-ticket items to choose logistics lp, small how to do?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
In abroad have a lot of things are we need a one-off move back to the destination, then we can have international logistics lp to give us to solve, but we have some pieces of things in the future, if USES the international logistics overqualified, we can adopt the international express delivery to help solve, today VIPU Supply Chain logistics lp share some choose international express international matters needing attention. 1. Choose one of international express international express channel, after all, is different from ordinary express journey faraway, also involves the background of different countries, so the choice of the international express delivery company is very important, we often use a postal EMS, four major international express company, and so on, these companies either have government background, such as postal EMS, or multinational companies, such as the four major international express company, etc. , select them to send the international express general risk is fully guaranteed. 2. Contraband international express international express don't mail is the express between countries, between various countries different laws and regulations, may legally in A country, the country B is illegal, so in the case of themselves don't know the rules you need to try to avoid not mailing contraband, otherwise such international express delivery parcel detained by the customs authorities in the destination countries be destroyed or return that is to say, when the time comes to find are the responsibility of the recipient, don't do bad things. 3. Fill international express personal belongings clearance form, have a chance duty-free said the channel of international express and international express delivery of contraband, and this will teach everyone a tax-free skills likely, when international express mail usually have asked fill in the item listing, be sure to note that at this time to fill in your personal use shall fill in the personal use, it will have a chance can be exempt.
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