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International logistics big or small, how so complicated?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
International logistics big or small, how so complicated? In logistics, always hesitate what to continue to use, what to throw away, in the domestic logistics, is pretty simple, called a lorry, odd things, from a complete set of sofa set to cold stomach medicine, as long as you want to move, all can be removed, but & hellip; … If it is moved to the abroad? International logistics generally has two kinds of sea logistics and air logistics way, by sea in general, suitable for a large number of transport, to all the family belongings as crazy move, as in the domestic logistics to bed set is small to post-it notes, VIPU Supply Chain general advice according to circumstances go by sea LCL or FCL. Shipping goods are the benefits of the unit price will be lower, because a may be more than 2, three hundred kg of belongings out, consisting of the freight per kg is lower. Prices to move to the United States, for example, or to see how many things need to move, where logistics from China, whether to need to strengthen the packing, shipping to the United States, whether for inland location, there are many factors influence; Except the packing of the carton packaging. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain suggest put the cartons are on top of the stack board, the other on the peripheral sealing film, so the cartons will not have scattered inside the container, the crash carton even after again good packaging, to the beauty of the west also want a month's time, when receiving something, see become uneven carton, to get the items of joy will disappear! Do things the way of protection, when received the smaller the possibility of damage to goods. Air freight, we suggest that if it is abroad to go abroad for three months or half a year can be used, because not together with the POTS and pans are moved in the past, most is a personal clothing, or some private things, VIPU Supply Chain are most often received to send datong electric rice cooker, is absolutely can send to by air mail or the United States to send back to China, about ten days can be received. For more urgent, high value goods, may be within 100 kg goods, as long as the airline is willing to accept, we are able to deal with it.
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