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International logistics before half a month you need to prepare

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
To do something before the international logistics, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp, said to avoid logistics in such a hurry that day, preparing work before logistics is very necessary, half a month before the logistics should prepare logistics issues, today we will learn about the detailed, logistics before, what should we do to prepare work. A, fragile and the cautions of valuables, 1) Fragile items, valuable electrical appliances, such as when packing, outside the box should be clearly marked and inform the service personnel, at the same time as far as possible when packaged with cloth, paper and plastic foam to fill the gaps in the cabinet, in order to avoid in the process of handling due to shake, impact and damage. ( 2) Valuables such as gold and silver jewelry, such as money, securities, certificates, and antiques, please carry, do not put in the drawer, parcels and furniture, safekeeping and responsible for their own. ( 3) High-grade furniture must be the most trouble to play good packaging one thousand damage repair. Second, the classification of the item and mark (outside the carton 1) Remove items, classification, packaging and marking: first of all, in front of the logistics will all kinds of items removed, and according to the daily supplies, Such as office supplies, children's books and stationery or toiletries, etc. ) , clothes, books, and cleaning supplies ( Such as cloth, cleaner) Such classification bound stronger; At the same time in the box on the marker outside the box beside the article content, the best Numbers, so as not to forget the content in the oven and omissions when handling. ( 2) Small and scattered objects can packing the packing as far as possible, please don't scatter, avoid scattered in the loss. Third, pay attention to the key parts and removing items, especially must pay attention to the parts and keys, release lest assembly difficulty in the future. Four, furniture should be cleared, and fixed, locked ( 1) Drawer, ambry, refrigerators and washing machines and other internal must be clear, because if not empty, service personnel will be due to too heavy and inconvenient to handle, and furniture itself are also susceptible to shake, the impact and damage internal items. ( 2) Furniture, cabinets, dismantled, should be placed in the place where is easy to carry, moreover easy sliding parts, such as drawer, cupboard door is best with taped or first locked in advance. Five, telephone, mail the migration of the telephone, mail or best migration in advance, cell phone, pager to ready for battery and boot to facilitate contact throughout the day. Six, contact neighbors or neighbors or property department should notify the property department scheduled logistics time, new, site reserved parking space, so as to avoid logistics lp cars can't park nearby, in the corridor of obstacles removed beforehand, village door can open in time, elevators and other public facilities can be normal use. Seven, other matters ( 1) Submerged cylinder and cans and so on should be need to coat sealed plastic bags, so as to avoid leakage pollution of other items. ( 2) Rain and snow season or windy day, please make an appointment to van closed car, lest get wet goods, blown away and getting dirty. ( 3) To the size of the packing box is easy to carry and safety for the principle, don't cry because it is too heavy to carry or pack the hole burst. ( 4) Refrigerator in logistics need to turn off the electricity supply let ice hydration all day. ( 5) When transporting live fish need to retain a third of the water in the container seal. ( 6) Flowers and plants need in its place at the bottom of the sponge in the need to adopt measures to keep warm in winter.
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