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International logistics banned from those items

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
More and more people begin to travel abroad, study abroad, immigration logistics, etc. , in the process, we can take our favorite items to you to go abroad, but notice that not everything can be carried out, VIPU Supply Chain for small make up international says it is prohibited to transport the goods in international logistics. 1, cultural relics antique according to the regulation of the cultural relics protection law of the People's Republic of China, who before the founding of the People's Republic of China 1949 Chinese and foreign production, production or publishing ceramics, treasure, bronze and other Jin Shuqi, jade stone, lacquer ware, glass ware, various material carving, sculpture, furniture, painting and calligraphy, fell, rubbings, books, literature, silk embroideries, cultural goods, stamps, currency, appliances, arts and crafts, etc. 1949 years later, the late nearly, modern works of the artists, craft artist, etc. ; Ancient crest vertebral animals and ancient fossils, prohibited in principle. 2, the source of disease hazardous to human and animal health, and other sexually transmitted diseases from the epidemic area of food, drugs or other medications 3, a variety of weapons, imitation weapons, ammunition and explosives; 4, cutter spring knives, bayonets, a double-edged sword, a double edged sword, butterfly dao, belt buckle, daggers, hand claw grips, darts, blowgun, blade, knuckles copper ( Hand helmet) , spring telescopic batons or other martial arts equipment. Five samples, fresh and biological living, meat, poultry and most of the meat and poultry products, No matter whether after cooking) , including the bacon, ham, eggs, sausages and dairy products; Plants and plant products, including trees, shrubs, soil, vegetables, fruits, bulbs and seeds; Most of the animals, whether living or dead, Such as filling dried) 。 As well as other items made of protected species, including the leather fur, ivory, reptiles, coral reefs, as well as the items by it. 6, drug and control drug opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other can make people addicted to narcotics and psychotropic drugs; 7, pornography and political propaganda media about China's political, economic, cultural, moral and harmful print, film, photography, music, film, tapes, video tapes, VCDS, computer storage media and other items; Porn DVDS, pirated DVDS, any pornographic books and periodicals, etc. Eight countries around the world, money, securities, precious metals hair of any type of currency in circulation and counterfeit currency; Securities, bonds, and precious metals such as gold and silver and related products. More than a few items, we must properly deal with before preparing international logistics, the province of the entry and exit when cause unnecessary trouble.
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