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International logistics, annatto furniture is how to handle

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
At present, people's living condition more good, therefore, for the family life when the choose and buy goods, not only consider the object surface, material and performance pay more attention to the item itself. For the furniture, the Chinese people are more inclined to annatto furniture, one of valuable piece of furniture as the furniture market, it has a very high collection value, combined with the characteristics of natural environmental protection, has been highly sought after. Nowadays, more and more people began to immigrate to go abroad, annatto furniture is to leave for home, even go abroad to take over. But how to package to security home and abroad, is one of the biggest concerns of the problem but when people family of annatto furniture overmuch, facing logistics, need how to handling the annatto furniture, how to just can give annatto furniture is higher, better and stronger protection? Small make up today to give you details! A, protection measures should be done. For annatto material, it itself is very fragile, want better protection for the annatto furniture is not too easy. The annatto furniture in the international logistics clock is how to package? 1, annatto furniture is heavier, also have to be very careful handling, some furniture also carved above a few decorative pattern, especially to do special protection. Without the packaging material is the bubbles, cushion of protection, effectively avoid accessories fall off, which affects the beautiful sex of furniture. 2, the furniture of the fringes are most vulnerable, is also the most easily damaged place. You will need to protect horn to protect. Protect horn can according to length to cutting and furniture furniture, the thickness of the bead and strong degree completely can resist some slight collision 3, in the process of transportation with five layer thickening outside box packaging materials, boxes according to the different shapes of furniture to cut. Use tape to outlet seal tightly. There are places of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, will add a layer of cardboard protection. After packing furniture not only convenient handling, and transportation safer 2, to annatto furniture, must find normal logistics lp, looking for a few rich experience of logistics workers for their handling. And during handling and transportation process, to prevent shock, can put a mat under the, ensure furniture won't produce collision phenomenon. Inform the masses, as the annatto furniture, should not only do well in the logistics of the protection and maintenance, in daily life, also give such furniture must be concerned about. Effectively improve household environment, for example, because the experts said that household environment also affect annatto furniture, because indoor temperature and humidity control within a certain range, can effectively avoid the good furniture, ensure no surprises furniture. If when indoor too dry or too wet, will likely lead to crack of the furniture, affect its own aesthetic.
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