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International logistics about wood exports fumigation

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
If the exit of goods packaging is a natural wood packaging, according to the logistics to state the purpose of the IPPC logo such as international logistics to the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries goods packing if as coniferous wood packing, it must be to do fumigation. For fumigation specification now, fumigation team according to the case number to fumigation of containers, also is the site after their arrival, by the professional team of IPPC logo on packaging fumigation. ( Customs declaration) Fill in the contact sheet fumigation with show the customer name, country, case number, use drug & rarr; ( Fumigation team) Label ( About half a day) → Fumigation ( 24 hours) → Bulk drugs ( 4 hours) 。 ( A) Fumigation can be divided into the whole case fumigation and LCL fumigation FCL fumigation: 1. Don't need to add & other; IPPC专用” Logo, packing directly after the goods to the site and inform the fumigation team for fumigation, according to the destination countries of different spraying different scale of fumigation agents, divided into CH3BR, PH3, such as customer has no special requirements, fumigation team spraying CH3BR potions, fumigation for 24 hours. 2. Need to add & other; IPPC专用” Identification: first landed on site after the goods delivered to site and notify the customs broker landing the position of the goods, fumigation team will in each packing before and after applying & other IPPC专用” Word, and then arrange packing. Then for fumigation. 3. For packaging fumigation: do the commodity inspection, inspection of documents to the customs and special packaging for fumigation. LCL fumigation: the LCL cargo fumigation can do it in the same container fumigation, but must at the same time satisfy the four conditions: 1. The same destination port 2. 3 the same country. The same number 4. In the same commodity inspection bureau inspection ( 2) Some of the requirements 1 fumigation. Fumigation time: fumigation must achieve 24 hours, after fumigation fumigation team places fumigation with skull logo logo on the cupboard. After 24 hours, fumigation team to get off the logo, scattered poison need 4 hours, then can arrange port. If scattered poison didn't have enough time to cupboard door closed may cause damage to the goods. Fumigation two days ahead of time to compare insurance, best for export commodity inspection of the goods, goods have to shipping date at the latest time before two days to the site. 2. For packing requirements: wood packaging not bark and bug. If you have any bark, wood packaging general customs broker will help customers will bark off; If found bug, need to inform the shipper change the packing. After fumigation as requiring a fumigation certificate for the port of destination for import customs clearance, cargo left can not fill. ( Advise clients are out this card) 。 1) Label content of IPPC (international plant protection convention organization. According to China's state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine announcement notice, no. 4 in 2005 since the March 1, 2005 to the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries with wooden packing of the goods, the wood packing should be stamped with the IPPC mark. ( Except for plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, etc) 2) Complete the fumigation contact list, wait for quarantine personnel after being signed, shall be fumigated, otherwise the fumigation team not to be fumigated. 3) Fumigation agents: CH3BR ( Under normal circumstances) 4) Fill in the declaration form, if the goods need to add logo, fill in & other; Note & throughout; In the water. 5) Import inspection: the goods to the port of destination, to inspection declaration in bill of lading. For imported goods must be inspection.
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