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International express the send list of items, international express what cannot _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-01
International express what are forbidden to send catalogue list, international express what cannot be banned international express mail to send catalogue new rules from the sensors and actuators, the applicable scope is prohibited to deliver goods to make clear the normative requirements, at the same time release guide catalog for delivering goods is prohibited. Endanger national security, disturbing social order and disrupt the stability of all kinds of items, endanger the safety of delivering explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and other kinds of goods, the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations and other prohibited materials other items, are prohibited from Posting and delivering goods. Express mail banned from 58 to 188 kinds of new rules for the first time has been clear about the concept and connotation of it is prohibited to deliver goods in the future when must pay attention to when delivering express, you can't send, what what deliver quantity restricted accomplish know fairly well. Global send it today to tell you that what can't be send! A, regular embargo list items: ( Alcohol) , liquid, cigarettes and tobacco, electronic cigarettes and smoke oil, inflammable and explosive articles, all batteries and batteries contain all sealed, objects, imitation brand, honey, eggs, fresh meat and products, perishable items, plants and plant seeds, dried beans, magnetic objects, solid wood products, Not including composite wood) , used by the old items, controlled knives, western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine ( According to the goods and decide) 。 International express what can't send two, China customs banned from anticipating: 1, all kinds of weapons, imitation weapons; 2, counterfeit currency and forged securities; 3, to China's political, economic, cultural, moral and harmful print, film, photography, music, film, tapes, video tapes, VCDS, computer storage media and other items; 4. A variety of virulent poison; 5, dangerous germs, pests and other harmful organisms of animals, plants and their products; 6, coming from epidemic stricken areas and other hazardous to human and animal health, food, medicines or other items can spread the disease; 7, the content involves state secrets manuscripts, printed matter, film, photography, music, film, tapes, video tapes, VCDS, computer storage media and other items; 8. Rare and precious cultural relics and other banned from ask body; 9, endangered and rare animals and plants ( All specimens included) Their seeds and reproducing materials; 10, gold and silver and other precious metals and their products; 11, the national currency; 12, the foreign currency and securities; 13, a radio transceiver and communication security machines; 14, valuable Chinese herbal medicine; 16, customs banned from other items. Three, small make up in view of the above conditions shows that: 1. Cannot send wine, cigarettes can't send ( At most two) 。 In addition to other special cannot walk 2 don't show lines. Liquid, powder can send other chemicals. 3. Contain the battery can not remove the items, can send DHL from Hong Kong. 4. Meat and other foods and solid wood products, can send mail, you can also choose the global sent to help you easily send it special delivery. Shenzhen VIPUTRANS international logistics is a professional engaged in cross-border electricity business logistics of export enterprises, as the domestic first batch of cross-border electrical business logistics enterprises, we have been as committed to the development of cross-border electricity export logistics to provide professional third-party logistics services.
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