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International express customs clearance need how long, what is the process _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-01
Cross-border electricity development, there have been more and more people use the international express delivery to transport their personal belongings, then used the service, you really know about it? Often encounter customs clearance or what kind of problems? Today with small make up take a look at ~ first of all, how to determine whether for personal items? Relevant policy ( The General Administration of Customs announcement no. 19, 2016) Pointed out that personal items class import express is refers to the territory of the recipient ( A natural person) Charge for personal use items ( Except for passenger separation transport luggage items) 。 At the same time, the policy, The General Administration of Customs announcement 43, 2010) For personal items sent from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, limit is 800 RMB yuan each time, sent from other countries or regions limit is 1000 RMB yuan each time, except piece inseparable. In short, personal items need to satisfy the following conditions: 1. The recipient must be a natural person, not a company, unit, group, organization, etc. 2. Clothes, shoes, bags, maternal and infant supplies, health care products, such as the recipient life since supplies, can according to individual articles into China; A scalpel, aircraft parts, server, laser measuring instrument and so on, for the purpose of profit or other than personal use can't oh ~ 3. Items not in the customs or quarantine within the list of prohibited, such as: ivory products, knives, imitation guns, yogurt is prohibited, don't spent money here ~ 4. If say, you bought 2 different styles of dress, a total of 700 yuan, is not overrun; 2 different styles of dress, the total price of 1400 yuan, will overrun the oh. But if it is 1 piece of clothing, value 1700 yuan, because it is; Single integral & throughout; , is not overrun. 5. Many of the same style and color of the bag, several times as one man to import the same items, and unreasonable oh ~ if not satisfy all the above conditions, you carefully selected baby will not be able to send it to your home. Why are for individual use customs clearance? Customs as a national activities through environmental supervision and administration institution, one of main duty is in accordance with the law regulation inbound and outbound means of transport, goods and luggage, postal items and other items, and duties and other taxes and fees. That is to say, all involved in inbound and outbound goods, to declare to the customs clearance. May sometimes feel no clearance, received a parcel, that is because different items involved in customs clearance in a different way, required documents, time, and the payment of taxes and fees is also different. Some items ( Such as file) Customs clearance without the recipient provides the documents for the customs clearance time is very short and do not need to pay any fees, will cause people; Without customs clearance & throughout; The illusion.
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