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International express 5 battery, 5 batteries can be checked or are you on a plane _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-03
Battery (5 The AA, R6) Is one of the battery types, its average size is 14 mm in diameter, height of 50 mm. 5 batteries because of its small volume, capacity is moderate, therefore widely used in many small appliances and digital products. Now the 5th battery that sells on the market are: nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, alkaline zinc manganese battery ( Referred to as '; Alkaline batteries & throughout; ) , the common acid zinc manganese battery ( Referred to as '; Batteries & throughout; ) And so on. By sign letters of the battery, we can learn the basic properties of the 5 batteries, in order to decide on what device with what kind of batteries. International express 5 battery, 5 batteries can be checked or on the plane? Can according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China to strengthen the regulation of lithium battery safety air transport management, the battery in the passenger carrying equipment or spare battery for the following grades of lithium content/energy restrictions: 1, lithium batteries, lithium content is not more than 2 g; 2, lithium ion battery rated energy does not exceed 100 wh; 3, more than 100 wh but not more than 160 wh, it must be approved by the airlines is installed on the equipment or carry-on baggage to check; 4, more than 160 wh lithium batteries are prohibited. Battery international air export process: note summary 1. Rigid carton please use hardness are packed in cartons and neat is not easy to damage, Suggest using the UN box) , there can be no indentation, each carton weight must not exceed 10 kg/box, each carton size and weight must be consistent, Except the tail box) 。 When the shipment is best can provide a few additional port, under the new empty carton with goods in Hong Kong if there is a carton damage, can change a new box. 2. Inner packing, each battery requires an insulated inner packing, the product should be fixed rigidly. 3. The outer packing must be four labels: because four tags must be posted on the same side, can't fold, can not overlap, so the box size is important to note. 4. Appear if the carton is damaged, need to change my clock in carton or all of the plate, but pay attention to play tray will increase weight or become bulky cargo, dangerous goods delivered from cargo regardless of bubble oh VIPUTRANS international logistics focus on battery product transportation for nearly 10 years, has rich experience in the operation of channel advantage, is the best choice for you to send the battery, battery by air, look for the VIPUTRANS international, price and other details, please contact online customer service.
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