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International Cargo Transportation from China to Russia

International Shipping Cargo from China to Russia

China is one of Russia’s largest trading partners and the two countries have established a close economic relationship in recent years

China exports a wide range of products to Russia including machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals, plastics, vehicles, and food products.in recent years. the volume of Chinese exports to Russia has increased significantly, driven by a growing demand for Chinese goods in the Russian market.

Electrical Machinery and Equipment: this includes items such as computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

Machinery and mechanical appliances: this includes equipment for engines, turbines, and pumps.

Vehicles and ports: China exports cars, trucks, and motorcycles to Russia, as well as parts and accessories for these vehicles.

Plastics: This includes products such as plastics bags, containers, and packaging materials

Iron and steel: China is a major producer of steel and exports large quantities of steel products to Russia

Chemicals: this includes a wide range of products, such as pharmaceuticals, fertiliers, and synthetic materials

How do import goods from China to Russia, and how many shipping cargo methods are there from China to Russia and how to Calculate Of the Cost Of Cargo Delivery From China to Russia.

Firstly you need to find reliable China suppliers who provide suitable products to you and you will sell to Russia marketing and get profit from the international trade business.

Secondly, you need to find a reliable shipping agent forwarder in China to Russia for logistics who understands your demand and provides kinds of value-added service to support costs down and optimize your supply chain.

 There are several ways to transport goods from China to Russia, depending on the type of goods, the volume of the shipment, and the urgency of the delivery. Some of the most common transportation methods are:


This is a growing transportation method for shipping goods between China and Russia offers a faster delivery time compared to ocean freight and is cheaper than air freight.VIPUTRANS is devoted to the International FCL LCL railway transport shipment cargo service from China's main cities to Russia.


Large Volume, Low Prices, Stable space, FCL or LCL options, China sea Freight shipping to Russia St.Petersburg, Novorossisky, Vladivostok, and Vostochniy ports. Ocean freight service covers customs clearance and coordinating pick-up and delivery, all operated by our team of international sea freight specialists.


Air cargo VIPUTRANS shipping handles over 3000 tons of air cargo export from China to Russia per month. Goods freight service International Shipping air freight shipment from China's main cities to Russia Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Novosibirsk airport.air shipping dangerous and Hazardous chemical Goods Transport .


VIPUTRANS provides dependable, cost-competitive truck transportation services in China domestic and international FTL&LTL road transportation shipping from China to Russia. including refrigerated road trucks, Oversized trucks for big projects and heavy-lift cargo, and Dangerous materials road transport

China to Russia Railway Forwarding Shipping Line

Except for Manzhouli/Alashankou/Horgos can direct access to Russia, Through Mongolia, it can be from China Erlian to the Russian border city of Chisinau to reach the destination, Viputrans provides you with professional railway freight transport logistics service from China's main cities to Russia Moscow/St.petersburg/Novosibirsk/Kazan/Ekateriburg/Chelyabinsk/Habarovsk/Rostow etc.

POLPODCitystation codeCountry
China Main CityKhovrinoMoscow060001Russia
China Main CityZabaikalskZabaikalsk947005Russia
China Main CityEkaterinburgEkaterinburg780302Russia
China Main CityIrkutskIrkutsk93020Russia
China Main CityKazanKazan25020Russia
China Main CityNovosibirskNovosibirsk850609Russia
China Main CityRostow-towRostow-tow510100Russia
China Main CityHabarovskHabarovsk970001Russia
China Main CityChelyabinskChelyabinsk800101Russia
China Main CityVorsinoMoscow183502Russia
China Main CitySelyatinoMoscow181102Russia
China Main CitySusharySt.petersburg33004Russia
China Main CityAvtovoSt.petersburg33508Russia
China Main CityMoskwa -tow-PawMoscow193504Russia
China Main CityElektrougliMoscow230600Russia
China Main CityKrestyMoscow181403Russia
China Main CityBelyi RastMoscow238601Russia
China Main CityKUPAVNAMoscow230506Russia

Our international railway transportation service includes:

•    FCL&LCL International rail train container and train wagon transportation services

•    The comprehensive platform booking system

•    The optimized route solution from factory door to customers’ door

•    Export&Import Inspection and Customs declaration of most of China's main stations

•    Reliable tracking information for the railway cargo on the way

•    Make and mail the operational document, including the delivery certificate

•    Using the high-security sealing and linearity locks to guarantee the train cargo safely

Sea Freight Shipping Forwarder Service From China Ocean Ports to Russia Novorossiysk ST.Petersburg Vladivostok Vostochniy Sea Ports

Large Volume, Low Prices, Stable space, FCL or LCL sea shipping to Russia options, China ocean Freight shipping to Russia. VIPUTRANS have their own CFS warehouse near the seaport which makes it efficient for pick up and drop off. For oversize and heavy cargo, sea shipping to Russia will be a more reasonable choice.

Sea freight service customization covers the ocean freight movement of your product, customs clearance, tariff classification, and coordinating pick-up and delivery, all operated by our team of international sea freight specialists.


Sea Freight Services from China to Russia International Ports, VIPUTRANS Ocean Freight Team Provides the Main Services:


•    Route planning

•    Local truck collection and Distribution

•    FCL&LCL Consolidations, Common Warehouse, and Bonded Warehouse Storage

•    DDU/DDP

•    Ocean Cargo Insurance Coverage

•    Customs Clearance and Documentation Handling and Processing

•    An easy-to-use booking system – with prices inclusive of all associated charges up to the destination point.

    The VIPUTRANS team will assist you for the duration of your shipment and beyond.

POLPODCarrierTransit time Remarks
Shanghai/Shenzhen/Qingdao/Ningbo/Guangzhou/Taicang/Tianjin/Xingang/Rizhao/Dalian/QuanzhouNovorossiyskREEL SHIPPING40-55daysDTHC500USD DOC50USD
NovorossiyskREEL SHIPPING40-55daysDTHC500USD DOC50USD
NovorossiyskSAFETRANS40-55daysDTHC USD550
NovorossiyskSAFETRANS40-55daysDTHC USD550
ST.PetersburgOVP40-55daysDTHC DOC USD500
ST.PetersburgOVP40-55daysDTHC DOC USD500
ST.PetersburgOVP40-55daysDTHC DOC USD500
ST.PetersburgOVP40-55daysDTHC DOC USD500
Shanghai/Tianjin/Qingdao/Ningbo/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Taicang/Tianjin/Xingang/Rizhao/DaliaVladivostok, VMTPSINOKOR7-14daysDTHC USD550/USD650
Vladivostok, VMTPSINOKOR7-14daysDTHC USD550/USD650
Vladivostok,Fish PortVOLTA7-14daysDTHC USD450/USD650,DOC   USD50
VladivostokREEL SHIPPING7-14daysDTHC USD450/USD650,DOC   USD50
VladivostokREEL SHIPPING7-14daysDrop off Moscow/SPB/Yekaterinburg/Novosibirsk   for free
Vladivostok,Fish PortREEL SHIPPING7-14daysDrop off Moscow/SPB/Yekaterinburg/Novosibirsk   for free
Shanghai/Taicang/Tianjin/Xingang/Rizhao/Dalian/Ningbo/Xiamen/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/DalianVostochniySINOKOR/E-shipping/GGL7-14daysDrop off Moscow/SPB/Yekaterinburg/Novosibirsk   for free

Air Goods Delivery Cargo Freight Shipping to Russia Moscow St.petersburg Vladivostok   

Air cargo to Russia shipping service, which is the fastest transportation for high cargo value and urgent orders, transit time 8 hours to arrive at Moscow airport from China's main international airports.

International air transportation, reliable air freight cargo from China to Russia, Russia marketing shipping AIR FREIGHT SPECIALISTS.VIPUTRANS is leading the air freight Russian market with professional operation on both China export and import. Air cargo shipping handles over 300 tons of air cargo export from China to Russia per month and has blocked space agreements with several airlines.

With our full experience, resources, IT web system, and excellent service team, Serving a wide range of clients, VIPUTRANS specializes in providing all kinds of international air shipments including General cargo, oversized cargo, Dangerous cargo, Consolidation cargo, E-commercial cargo, Chart Flights, etc, VIPUTRANS airfreight can provide tailor-made solutions for your air freight.

VIPUTRANS Avia Cargo Freight Services Include:

Route Planning

 Cargo delivery from suppliers to the airport

Warehouse Consolidation for several suppliers

Cargo packing and labeling

Export& Import Declaration and Customs Clearance Service

Cargo insurance for the whole transportation period

Time Sensitive Shipments

Documentation Handling & Processing

Real-time tracking

24/7 terminal handling controls cargo safety and makes the most efficient terminal handling for urgent cargo

Dangerous and Hazardous Goods Transport

Aircraft Charter

Dangerous and Hazardous Air Cargo to Russia From China

VIPUTRANS provides the best and safest chemical air transportation service. With more than 10 years of experience in dangerous goods and chemical products airfreight transportation service, VIPUTRANS professional Teams will guide you through the whole process as required packing, shipping labeling marks, and documentation.

Air dangerous goods transportation is controlled by a variety of different regulatory regimes including UN recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods. These regulatory regimes mandate how dangerous goods are handled, packed, labeled, and transported. The classification of dangerous goods is broken down into nine classes according to the type of dangerous materials

Air Charter Services From China to Russia

When your most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, contact VIPUTRANS for our dependable air charter services across China and Russia's main airport locations.

VIPUTRANS is a specialist in providing oversized, remote, urgent, and dangerous goods cargo charter solutions. Our experienced specialists are available 24 hours seven days a week, providing you with quality and reliable support.

Sometimes the only possible way to reach a shipping deadline is via the fastest possible solution of Air Charter services. We're experienced in providing tailor-made air charter solutions around the clock so that your most urgent air freight arrives when required and ensure that your urgent air cargo arrives on time. We will partner with you in determining the best air charter option to reach your delivery objectives and will monitor the shipment every step of the way.

Why Choose Air Charter Service

• Exclusive use of the optimum aircraft matched to your shipment's urgent needs
• Air Charter services for when only the quickest shipment options will work
• Virtually zero limitations on shipment size
• Round-the-clock availability, support and coverage

• Line Down Situations


The Advantages of VIPUTRANS Air Charter Services 

• Exclusive use of Aircraft
• Fastest Delivery Possible
• Remote Origin/Destination Capability
• Complete Shipment Flexibility
• In-Flight Tracking
• Concierge Level Customer Service

China's main airports shipping to Moscow St.petersburg Vladivostok airports

CarrierFlightPOLRoute Transit   Time(day)
HUD2 6BeijingPEK-SVO1
SUD 146BeijingPEK-SVO1
HYD2 7BeijingPEK-TAS-DME3-4
MUD3 7ShanghaiMU-SVO1
3UD146Chengdu CTU-SVO11
4BD6 7HaerbingHRB-SVO21
HUD3 5QingdaoTAO-SVO1
JD D247QingdaoTAO-SVO1
VI D47ShenzhenSZX-SVO1

International FTL&LTL Road Freight Truck Transport Shipping Cargo Service from China to Russia

VIPUTRANS is providing dependable, cost-competitive FTL&LTL truck transportation services in China domestic and international road transportation to Russia, CIS countries, and Europe.

Whether you are a small company or a large company, VIPUTRANS offers reliable truck transport options to deliver your shipments.

Road transport across Asia-Europe continues to provide end-to-end logistics services between China and Europe, Russia, and the CIS.

With 15 years of experience in road transport in Europe, Russia, and CIS, VIPUTRANS quickly gained wide influence and became the leading road transport company in the market after China joined the IRU (International Road Transport Union). VIPUTRANS set up partner offices and exclusive agent offices in China, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc.

with an accumulation of years of dedicated and in-depth cooperation, VIPUTRANS can deploy up to 6500 trucks, and the professional team provides customers with safe and reliable road transport solutions across Asia, Russia, and Europe. VIPUTRANS won the support and recommendation from many famous clients in the fields of e-commerce, cars and parts, lithium batteries, chemical products, and dangerous hazardous cargo shipments from China to Russia.

Truck transportation is the most flexible of all transportation methods. It can be sent to Russia every day, and the transportation transit time only takes about 16 days.

Refrigerated Truck
Oversize Truck
Standard Truck

Advantages of Using VIPUTRANS Truck Transport Service From China to Russia

•    Refrigerate and Temperature Control
•    Flexible full truckload and partial load
•    Dangerous and hazardous materials Road transportation
•    Oversize cargo and heavy-lift cargo road transportation
•    Regularly scheduled sea/railway container truck service  and Air cargo pick-up
•    Road transport reduces risks of delay and missing cargo with GPS 24 x 7 tracing system real-time Time status review.
•    Urgent order loads through a variety of land transportation services

POLPODRoad   Transport Price ListTransit time
Standard tarpaulinStandard VanMEGA
RussiaNizhny Novgorod¥81,200.00¥85,000.00¥88,040.0012-14
RussiaSt. Petersburg¥92,600.00¥96,400.00¥99,440.0013-15
Belgiumscorching sun¥115,400.00¥119,200.00¥122,240.0016-17
Czech republicPrague¥115,400.00¥119,200.00¥122,240.0016-17

above international truck rates, pick-up cities covered Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Suzhou, etc.    All over China - Ports (Shankou/Baktu/Horgos/Jimunai/Takeshken/Erenhot/Manzhouli/Heihe/Suifenhe/Dongning) - Kazakhstan ( through or not through) - Russia - Belarus - Poland - Europe

International road transportation is a crucial element of global trade and commerce, enabling businesses to transport goods between Russia and China quickly and efficiently. One important trade route is from China to Russia, which spans thousands of miles and involves navigating through several countries. In this article, we will provide valuable information about international road transportation from China to Russia, including the process, regulations, costs, and timelines involved.


Transporting goods by road from China to Russia is a complex process that requires careful planning and coordination. The route usually starts from the major Chinese ports, such as Qingdao, Shanghai, or Ningbo, and then continues through China, Kazakhstan, and eventually into Russia. The transportation process involves several different parties, including trucking companies, customs officials, and freight forwarders. Goods are typically transported in container trucks or trailers, and the journey can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the distance and route.


Regulations for international road transportation from China to Russia are complex and vary depending on the country and region. Customs regulations in both countries must be adhered to, and there may be additional regulations that apply to certain types of goods or materials. Trucking companies must also obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate in each country along the route. In addition, trucks must comply with various safety and environmental regulations, including emissions standards and weight restrictions.


The cost of international road transportation from China to Russia varies depending on a variety of factors, including the distance, route, type of goods, and mode of transportation. Other factors that can impact costs include customs fees, taxes, and tariffs, as well as fuel prices and labor costs. Freight forwarders or logistics providers can help to provide cost estimates and can offer guidance on how to minimize costs while still ensuring timely and efficient transportation of goods.


The timelines for international road transportation from China to Russia can vary widely depending on the specific route, transportation mode, and customs clearance procedures. Businesses need to plan and build in extra time for any unexpected delays that may occur. Freight forwarders or logistics providers can help to provide estimated timelines based on the specific requirements of each shipment.

International road transportation from China to Russia is an important trade route that requires careful planning and coordination. Businesses must navigate complex regulations, costs, and timelines to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods. By working with experienced freight forwarders or logistics providers, businesses can overcome these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by this important trade route.

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