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International car checked business introduction VIPU Supply Chain

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp with furniture, furniture international transport pair clear close the door to door service is given priority to, many customers may not know we often international car checked operation. Here small make up to VIPU Supply Chain of international car transport business introduce simple: car checked operation process 1, accept the consignment of the clients abroad to carry out the information about the shipping the goods and entrust formalities. 2, the new experimental goods vehicles, paint, etc. , ready for the car keys, invoices, conformance certificate copy of the accessory. 3, with brand vehicles: prepare the car keys and the original or copy of the accessory. 4, transfer vehicle: prepare the car keys and provisional licence and invoice copy. 5, insurance: to provide the owner's name and id number. 6, when check in vehicles, carefully check the performance of the vehicle ( Battery fully charged, the engine performance is good, the tire normal atmospheric pressure, during the winter to use antifreeze, inflammable and explosive goods) is allowed on the car 。 7, the mode of transportation, you can according to demand to prepare goods transport vehicles to open our company or to assist in the location of the loading, our company can also be free door-to-door service. 8, signing contract: VIPU Supply Chain's staff will check for your car body. Watch your vehicle appearance whether there is a scratch or damage. Is your vehicle exterior situation, we will be recorded in the contract. Also put in your vehicle registration items ( Note: can you check the vehicle put items, but don't put valuables and inflammable, explosive and other violations of goods) Items, you can on the trunk or back seat, sit before it is best not to put, lest affect our loading safety. Consignee: vehicle arrived at the appointed place to inform the consignee pick up the car, the consignee must pick up the car I take effective certificate. Car checked on overseas note 1 and contract VIPU Supply Chain staff sign the name and contact information, you can contact our staff. 2, check in we need to buy your vehicle risk of carriage, need you to provide the name and id number of the insured. 3, 6 - before check your vehicle to the destination Eight hours, our driver will inform you pickup location. In after you confirm pick up the car, VIPU Supply Chain driver won't leave.
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