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International baggage, packing, and packing tips to know how much?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
For overseas frequently, deal with the international baggage is indispensable, in order to avoid the happening of baggage loss, damage and chaos phenomenon, is the belongings of packing is very important, so the shipment VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will share with everyone, the following professional packaging techniques to help you deal with easily. 1, bedding, packaging the trick bedding, pillows, bedding, after folding directly set on the big bag or bags, tighten the sealing, no large bag, can use the old bed sheet package, a vacuum bag can use vacuum bag fit directly placed after compression. Pay special attention to, not to plug in bedding fragile, because in the process of transportation, even in the bedding is easy rotten inside, all don't want to with fragile. In order to avoid accidentally destroyed. If space is larger, can consider to put some cotton. 2, scattered items packing tips spare items in batches with plastic bags is good, not placed in the box, scattered items put in after the first heavy light placed order, big and heavy in the bottom first, upper place objects light, as far as possible to avoid damage caused by heavy extrusion box items. 3 when the packing tips to use carton, clothing, not to put the clothes wrinkle for the principle, the bottom size is larger than the size of the clothes after folding some advisable. In accordance with the order packing chest drawer, when out of the more convenient place. 4, vessels using the know-how will first bowl, plate, cup classification, classification and packing again. Classification of packing and packing not only high efficiency, out of the box again when using, also easy to arrange. Bowl, plate, cup should be one by one with paper wrapped up, such as no package or multiple packages together, could lead to friction and collision damage to each other. Before into the vessel, should put the newspapers in his paper, on the bottom of the box as a buffer. Finally, put the dishes in the box below, put the cup, bowl upside down in the box top. Note (5, baggage 1) Need to carry ( Don't check) One of the important items in a separate bag. Generally such items include: cash, dual-currency credit card, or bank draft bills/proof of funds, etc. Passport, ticket, mobile phones, cameras and other valuables; Spare glasses, pens, taking drugs, prevention of airsickness medicine, etc. Don't you checked all your clothes, took a few pieces on hand luggage, so as to avoid the checked baggage is delayed or even lost. ( 2) Different countries to carry items have different restrictions and requirements. Before preparing luggage must understand relevant taboo. Carrying medicine to New Zealand, for example, needs to have western medicine prescription, and declare to the customs, otherwise it may be fined, severe cases will be in jail. And study in the United States, must not with pirated DVDS and books. Go to Canada with prescription immigration there is a clear need to confirm the drug certification, can't endangered animals and their fur products, etc. In France, don't bring & other; Counterfeit & throughout; The light is confiscated, heavier fines. ( 3) Although many articles for daily use in a foreign country can buy, but given the abroad have a lot of things to busy, at the beginning of the local geographical environment and also do not know much about shopping environment, so it is necessary to ready for basic necessities of life. The first is clothing, footwear, etc. In addition to clothing, can also take some articles for daily use such as sheet bedding, tableware, rain gear and some common medicine. In some countries of voltage, power plug is not the same as in with domestic, so prepare several voltage converters, power socket converter is necessary.
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