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International Air Transport Association: Global

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20

The Zhitong Finance APP was informed that on June 3, the International Air Transport Association released global air cargo data for April. Aviation demand fell by 27.7% year-on-year in April 2019, the largest decline in history.

Mr. Alexander de Juniac, Chairman and CEO of the International Air Transport Association, said: The current air cargo capacity is severely contracted. Compared with April 2019, although freight demand decreased by 27.7%, due to the substantial reduction in passenger flights, the capacity of passenger belly cabins dropped sharply, resulting in a 42% decrease in overall freight capacity. This leads to longer transportation times and higher costs in the global supply chain. Airlines are deploying as much capacity as possible, including charter flights and temporary ‘passenger to cargo’ operations.

Juniak pointed out that governments of all countries need to continue to ensure the opening and efficiency of important supply lines. Although many countries have responded quickly and clearly to ensure the convenience and smoothness of air cargo, some governments still stick to the red tape, hindering the flexible deployment of the aviation industry and failing to quickly meet the needs of anti-epidemic and global economy.
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