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India-Pakistan, Middle East route

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-17
Main ports in Bangladesh: CHITTAGONG, DHAKA
Pakistan: KARACHI
Sri Lanka: COLOMBO
The main port of the Middle East UBAI is divided into two ports JEBEL ALI, PORT RASHID, DAMMAM, RIYADH
Shipping companies: NYK, Wanhai, Yangming, H-P-L, NORSIA,

1, ZIM
1) Shipping schedule: Chiwan closes on Sunday and opens on Tuesday (shared cabin with NORSIA and CMA) without writing the price.
2) ZIM is also known as LNL, GOLDSTAR. All bookings to the Middle East India and Pakistan must use GOLD STAR BOOKING. Its small cabinet can generally hold 22 tons, while other shipping companies can only install 21 tons. 7 days before the customs clearance Open a position.
3) ZIM's cabinets are relatively tight. If you want to make sure you can call the terminal: 26822054, you must remember that when you pick up the cabinet, neither the Middle East nor India and Pakistan can mention the cabinet that starts with 'Z'. Note on O.
4) If the customer has the requirements of the ship's certificate, it is necessary to confirm with the documents whether this ship's certificate can be issued and then determine whether to book the cabin.
5) All freezer food cabinets are required to be CWI, but they must be noted when booking, so that the shipping company will notify the terminal to put the CWI cabinet.
6) If you go to JEBEL ALI transit port to call JEBEL ALI destination port JEBEL ALI, PORT RASHID transit port JEBEL ALI destination port PORT RASHID
7) Cost: COV----RMB275/CNTR
Cabin Rental-RMB121/242/242 (DOUBLE after 14 days)
Cabinet rental ------RMB55/RMB110 (free cabin rental for 3 days, special application if special circumstances are required)

2, HAGAP-LIOYD (booking without writing the price)
1) Ship schedule:
Shekou opened on Monday and opened on Tuesday: pick up all goods from India, Pakistan and the Red Sea, but India and Pakistan transfer to the destination port at SINGAPORE, and the goods from the Red Sea are directed to the destination port.
Shekou is open on Friday and Sunday, but the heavy cabinet can be from 13:00 to Friday at night, and the release bar can be until 12:00 on Saturday.
This water ship picks up cargo from the Middle East. (Shared with Wanhai. Yangming), you can also pick up a small amount of goods from India and Pakistan, and Red Sea, but you need to apply for a position in advance. COLOMBO(8)---JEBEL ALI(13)---DAMMAN(15)
In addition, there is a ship that opens on the west side of Tuesday and Wednesday.It can receive a small amount of cargo from India and Pakistan, so the position of the liner is tight.
3) HPL can pick up the cabinet without having to pay the bill directly to the foreign agency (but the S/O must be copied on A4 paper and handed over to the foreign agency). Need to change the order)
4) If returning to the air: fax to the shipping company and confirm the fee, then inform the customer to enter the H-P-L cash account, and send the cash receipt to H-P-L. The H-P-L will confirm the receipt of the fee and notify the terminal to return the air.
5) DUBAI has two ports: JEBEL ALI and PORT RASHID. When ordering a warehouse, you must specify which port to go to (default: JEBEL ALI), there will be differences on S/O, and the prices are different:
If to JEBEL ALI, Port of discharge-----JEBEL ALI,
final destination--------JEBE ALI
If you go to PORT RASHID, Port of discharge----JEBEL ALI,
final destination------DUBAI (without playing PORT RASHID)
Cabin: HKD60/120/120
Counter rent: HKD100/200/200
But pay attention: HAPAG-LIOYD will be rented if there is a cabin charter.
3, Wanhai (booking does not need to write the price)
1) Shipping schedule: Shekou is open on Tuesday and Thursday, the release bar can be late at 12:00 on Wednesday (no special application, but heavy cabinets are required)
JEBEL ALI(13)---KARACHI(KICT)15 Other Middle East ports transit via JEBEL ALI
In addition: Friday open on Sunday (shared with Yangming, HAPAG-LIOYD) heavy cabinet can be until 17:00 on Friday afternoon, the release bar can be until 12:00 on Saturday noon.
2) Pay special attention to the five days before the closing day of Wanhai's opening day (including the day of closing)
3) Wanhai goes to DUBAI default JEBEL ALI, S/O will be different
If to JEBEL ALI, Port of discharge-----JEBEL ALI,
final destination--------JEBE ALI
If you go to PORT RASHID, Port of discharge----JEBEL ALI,
final destination------ PORT RASHID
4) Transfer to RIYADH in DAMMAM, but the first transfer port for S/O is JEBEL ALI. Because it is from JEBEL ALI barge to DAMMAM and then transported by train to RIYADH by DAMMAM, so the transfer port on the bill of lading can be DAMMAM .
Cabin rental (1-7 days): HKD130/210/210
After 7 days: HKD170/260/260 (please note that if the heavy cabinet has been returned to the terminal, there must be a cabin rental)
Counter rent: HKD60/80/80
Yantian will open on Monday and Tuesday (shared with Hyundai)
(The counter closes at 12:00 noon. The release bar is at 17:00 pm)
Shekou opens on Tuesday and Wednesday (the big ship in Europe)
(The counter closes at 12:00 noon. The release bar is at 17:00 pm)
1. NYK Monday's Yantian shipping schedule is stable and is expected to arrive in Hong Kong within 12 days (DUBAI, JEBEL ALI and PORT RASHID are the same price)
2) If to JEBEL ALI, Port of discharge-----JEBEL ALI,
1. final destination--------JEBE ALI
b) If you go to PORT RASHID, Port of discharge----JEBEL ALI,
1. final destination------ PORT RASHID
2. But with OOCL and P-O, we have to transfer in Singapore on Wednesday.
a): PORT OF DISCHARGE on S/O will display SINGAPORE.

COV: HKD300 Cabin rent: HKD110/220 (1-14) Wall cabinet fee: HKD350
HKD220/440 (1-15) Cabinet selection fee: HKD300
COD: HKD300 counter rent: HKD100/200
COV: HKD250 Cabin rental: HKD80/160 (1-14 days) Cabinet fee: HKD250
HKD160/320 (after 15 days) Cabinet selection fee: HKD250
COD: HKD250 counter rent: HKD100/200
6, Yangming
Ship schedule:
YT/SK: The barge on Saturday, the Hong Kong ship is open on Monday
1) A. Yangming barges generally only receive: PORT RASHID (11) --- BANDAR ABBAS (13) --- KARACHI KICT (15), because the big ships sailing in Hong Kong are direct flights to these ports. (But there are few cabins)
B. Open Friday to Sunday (shared with Wan Hai. HAPAG―LIOYD)
This watercraft is connected to the Middle East and Pakistan (KARACHI) cargo.
Heavy cabinets can reach 12:00 noon on Saturdays, and release bars can reach 17:00 on Saturday afternoons.
C. In addition, a new route was opened to India this year, but only BOMBAY, NHAVA SHEVA,
The three ports of NEW DELHI.
The barge is cut off on Monday, and Hong Kong is open on Thursday. NHAVA SHEVA(11)---BOMBAY(13)---NEW DELLI(15) heavy counter cut off at 10:00 on the day, the release bar at 17:00.

2): Note that there is no fee for changing a barge to a barge.
YANTIAN: counter rent: HKD100/ 200/200 /200 COV: HKD420
Cabin: HKD100/205/205 COD: HKD420
Wall cabinet fee: HKD420

SHEKOU Departure: Counter Rent: HKD100/200 COV:HKD180
Cabin: HKD75/135 COD: HKD180
Wall cabinet fee: HKD180
Schedule: Chiwan Saturday barge (currently only reserved for India)
If you apply for free counter rent in the destination port, you need to have a counter number before applying.
RCL is a barge to India, so there is no fee for changing the barge to the barge.
COD: The specific cost should be confirmed with the shipping company
Shipping schedule: Sunday Chiwan will open on Tuesday (with ZIM, CMA, shared cabin)
1) One thing NORSIA should pay attention to is that when returning the cabinet, the customer must fill in the correct total weight (the weight of the cargo plus the weight of the cabinet), otherwise there will be a fine. (It means that it cannot be too far from the weight provided when booking).
2) COV: RMB 400/CNTR
Warehouse rent: RMB150/300/300
Counter rent: USD5/10/10
Wall cabinet fee: RMB400
If the counter rent is RMB100/200/200

If the NORASIA cabinet proposes to change the two-water ship and has not returned the container, in addition to paying the shipping company's container charter, it will also need to pay RMB400/SET container detention.
9: DSR
Yantian Cutoff on Monday: Heavy cabinet cut off at 08:00 in the morning and release bar cut off at 12:00 noon (for the time being, our company only orders the two ports of JEDDAH and KUWAIT, but pay special attention to it. Han, prove that this product is not counterfeit)
Special considerations for the port of India and Pakistan:
1. Karachi has three terminals
1) KICT (KARACHI INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL) is only available in Yangming, Wanhai, NYK, to
2) PICT has HPL; NYK arrives
2. There are two cases when ordering N and SHEVA
A) The starting point of Shenzhen to the inland point is full prepaid sea freight.
B) SZ-N, SHEVA prepaid, N, SHEVA-inland point to pay.
Therefore, when booking, first review the business order and the customer's consignment note, and ask for that form. If you don't make any annotations, you must make sure that each salesperson or customer confirms clearly.
3. When booking, check whether the cabinet type of the business order is the same as that of the consignment note, whether it is important to be overweight, whether the name of the goods is dangerous, and whether there are any special requirements. In addition, please note that the shipping company must write the price. You don’t need to write the price, you can confirm with the marketing department when you are not sure.
10. CSCL
1.CW is closed on Monday and opened on Tuesday, JEBEL ALI(11)---NHAVA SHEVA(15)
The normal weight of all the small cabinets in the Middle East is 20T. If you exceed this weight, you need to apply separately and the freight will be increased.

Red Sea Line: 1. Main departure: HAPAG---LIOYD Shekou is a direct sailing ship that opens on Monday and Tuesday.
2. Yangming can receive from March 3rd; JEDDAH's goods. (Schedule: Yantian on Friday)
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