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India Freight Forwarder- In & Out Knowledge on Forwarding

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-25

The India freight forwarder plays a very important part in the whole transportation process. Freight forwarder acts on behalf of the exporter and arranges for the required mode selection which can either be through Ocean Freight or Airfreight cargo services.

It is better to let the forwarding company take in charge of all your logistics and freight activities as they are specialist in it and they are very well versed with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, methods of shipping, export regulations and documents connected with foreign trade.

They take care of all the activities related to logistics that most of the time includes, packaging, careful material handling, warehouses, and delivers the goods to the ultimate destination on time. If any company decides to do all these activities on their own, it could prove to be very costly and efficiency would not be guaranteed as they would not have the required experience.

At the beginning of the sale, normally the India freight forwarder provides an exporter with the quotations on a number of costs. This information can be used in preparing an accurate price quotation for foreign customers.

The freight forwarding firm guides on the following:

--They assist on foreign import regulations,

--Inland transportation is arranged,

--Space is booked with the mode of transport selected,

-- Export documentation are completed and maintained,

-- Cargo insurance is arranged,

--Assist on packaging, marking and labeling, Identity to goods

-- Assist on products to be packed and containerized,

India Freight forwarder charges a particular fee which is based on the size of the shipment, the mode selected, and the destination where it is to be delivered. The fees consist of an agreed-upon amount, plus documentation charges. The cost for the services should be figured into the price charged to the customer.

But before selecting the freight forwarder is attentive on the following points:

1) Check whether the freight forwarder has the license and is approved by the appropriate entities.

2) Experience and expertise to handle the goods.

3) Freight forwarders document turnaround time should be reliable.

These points will help you to understand, how much you should rely on the freight forwarding firm when you are selecting your freight forwarding partner.

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