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Increase knowledge! The reason for the rise of overseas warehouses!

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-24
Overseas warehouse refers to the storage facilities established overseas. In cross-border trade e-commerce, overseas warehouses refer to domestic enterprises transporting commodities to target market countries through bulk transportation, establishing warehouses and storing commodities locally, then respond according to the local sales order and time, and sort, package and distribute directly from the local warehouse in time. So why is overseas warehouse popular? What is the reason for the rise of overseas warehouses? Next, follow the editor to have a look! Why are overseas warehouses booming? The first reason for the rise of overseas warehouses: the rapid development of cross-border trade e-commerce has increasingly increased requirements for the logistics industry. Return and exchange are more common in domestic online shopping, and the mentality of foreign buyers is the same as that of domestic buyers, I also hope that the things I buy will be delivered to my hands quickly. If I am not satisfied, I can easily return the goods. How can I solve this problem? The answer is to go abroad, provide the same localized services as foreign e-commerce, and make full use of the advantages of Made in China to participate in international competition, which will be the key to the sustainable development of cross-border trade e-commerce. In fact, overseas warehouses will become an inevitable trend in the development of logistics industry in the e-commerce era. The second reason for the rise of overseas warehouses: cross-border e-commerce transforms and builds positions according to the needs of enterprises. The biggest difference between cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce is to sell goods abroad. An unstable logistics system is a big challenge. Whether it is an enterprise or an individual e-commerce, if you want to make your business bigger, you must not only maintain your own e-commerce platform, but also need an overseas warehouse that can reduce costs, speed up the delivery time and avoid risks. In the early stage, as long as the seller transports the goods to the overseas warehouse in large quantities, there will be a special overseas warehouse staff to replace the merchant to handle the follow-up chores and process the delivery orders online, once someone places an order, he will immediately complete a series of logistics procedures such as picking up goods, packing, posting orders and shipping, which can free up time and energy for merchants to develop new products and thus obtain greater profits. 2. In overseas markets, local shipments are more likely to gain the trust of buyers. Most traditional buyers are more convinced of fast local services. In the case of small price differences, they are more willing to choose to set up overseas warehouses, and the domestic distribution speed is faster and safer. Especially in the shopping season such as Black Friday and Christmas, the order has soared, the efficiency of cross-border distribution has been affected, the risk of packet loss has increased, and the customs inspection policies of various countries have become stricter, for example, when passing through Italian and Spanish customs, parcels are easily detained for inspection, which will delay the delivery time. The speed is directly linked to the buyer's satisfaction. The reduction of buyer satisfaction will threaten the security of the seller's account. Therefore, more and more domestic sellers realize that they should choose overseas warehouses. Overseas warehouses can not only 'lead' the logistics risks in cross-border e-commerce trade, but also improve customer satisfaction and increase transaction volume. When the reputation and evaluation of sellers are improved, the turnover will inevitably increase. 3. In addition to the reliability and timeliness of local shipments, overseas warehousing and its supporting systems can also bring sellers a better cross-border trade shopping experience, saving more time and reducing error rates. The above is about the reasons for the rise of overseas warehouses. If you want to know more about overseas warehouses, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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