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In the process of international transportation wine should pay attention to what issues?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
With the improvement of people's living standard, wine has increasingly become the people in your life & other; A regular & throughout; 。 Really high quality wines, however, often have to through the international freight to appear in front of everyone. How to ensure the wine in the process of transportation safety? Today, small make up and everyone together to learn about, wine international transportation need to pay attention to what matters. A, completes the protective measures in the process of international transport of goods, goods between hashing is inevitable. Glass bottles and wine are adopted, belongs to the fragile, therefore in the process of international transport, should especially pay attention to the packaging. Generally speaking, in the process of transport of fine wine, often can add buffer material in the packaging, so it can effectively prevent the wine bottle directly collide with each other, utmost ground to avoid unnecessary loss. And, of course, in the process of transportation can do not to say that the protective layer is thicker, the better, because of the protective layer do thick, it will make the packaging of wine, doing so will lead to higher transportation costs. Generally as an experienced import and export business, will be to get a balance between the two, such ability in the case of cost minimum, obtain the biggest benefit. Second, choose the right means of transportation, many people heard about international transport, mind immediately think of the sea. But you know, wine afraid of high temperature and large temperature variation, so what kind of way do you want to take the transport, really is not fixed. If it is some of the relatively cheap ordinary wine, may directly with the method of shipping, but if it is a few more precious fine wine, believe a lot of import and export agent will choose air freight. This is mainly due to air time is shorter, the relatively small temperature difference, even if the transportation cost is higher, but relative to the cost of fine wine, or a small part of it. Three, many people buy insurance in the international transport of goods in time, and save money, will always be less as far as possible to buy or not buy insurance, which is a no-no in wine in the process of international transportation. Wine belongs to fragile, especially some high-grade wine, the value of each bottle is very high, in the process of operation, if you meet some error, can be very large losses. Therefore, if want to undertake international transportation, wine or should I buy insurance in time, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.
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