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In the international ocean shipping container fill what reason be? How to avoid?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Container is a useful logistics equipment, many logistics are useful to the container, shipping, in particular, is to use more container. But through a shipping container, occasionally there will be a problem, is the container be affected with damp be affected with damp damage to the goods. By this time there will be a doubt, container closed sealed, how can fill? Container actually the cause of the water depends on the weather conditions, the length of the sea voyage, the sensitivity of the cargo, containers and packaging materials, etc. , all kinds of factors are likely to lead to container into the water, causing the damage, the specific reasons are as follows: 1, the goods shipped moisture or water was brought into the container with the goods. For example, if a container filled with 1 ton of wooden equipment, its itself contains about 8% to 25% humidity, equivalent to about 400 - 1250 litres of water. Here on the edge of moisture changes in temperature, evaporation heated, cooled liquefaction, finally falls on the surface of the goods, caused by wet damage. 2, casing setting this kind of situation is usually the result of the temperature difference is bigger. In the process of container ocean shipping or storage, container tend to experience the high temperature climate changes and the strong temperature difference between day and night, the temperature change in 0 Eight degrees, humidity will be as high as 98%, the formation of condensation phenomenon, make the container with water. For example, when the temperature is 30 degrees, air moisture content is 30. 4 g per square meter. When reduced to 18 degrees Celsius by 30 degrees Celsius temperature, water vapor condenses into water droplets, if 40 ft container produces 1000 grams of condensed water, causes 'the container rain'. 3, the water of the sea into the general water immersion is one of the reason why the seawater intrusion. Due to the container on the sea all year round, and if there are any big waves, if the body has a little damage, if again on the deck, or maritime accidents, fall into the sea, this case is easy to let water into the container. 4, fresh water into the dip a lot of people see the confused, how fresh water invasion? Actually about fresh water invasion, usually is the top of the container or some other places have a little damaged, when the next rain and snow or ship will result in water such as fresh water pipe burst, this time has caused a fresh water invasion of the container. Above four is the cause of container into the water, then how to prevent the container fill situation or reduce the loss? 1, insurance to deal with, 1) Freshwater rain risks: goods in transit, because of the fresh water, rain and snow solution caused by the loss, the insurance company should be responsible for compensation; ( 2) Be affected with damp be affected with damp and heating risk: to the insured goods in transit due to temperature changes suddenly or due to the ship feel inside ventilation equipment failure caused the cabin condensation, damp or fever caused by the loss, responsible for compensation; ( 3) W. P. A. : + accidents, natural disasters cause goods flooded, causing the loss of the goods. But wpa only responsible for salt water caused by the loss, the compensation is not responsible for the loss caused by water. 2, preventive measures, 1) Before using the check whether the container is sealed, dry; ( 2) Determine whether dry goods and loading environment; ( 3) Strengthen waterproof packing of goods; ( 4) Reasonable placed in the dryer; Above is some information about the container into the water, hoping to help you.
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