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In international logistics 'telex release' and the concept of sea waybill

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
We usually in the operation of international logistics shipping order, to be exposed to different kinds of files, as applications for entry, goods transport to other countries to transport goods by cast insurance, shipping and Marine bill of lading electricity put to wait, normally these files only inline people will know the purpose of these documents and fill in the right way. In the customer consultation, we will patiently explain each file to the customer and fill out the concept of method. Small make up just to give you today in the international logistics ( I want to online inquiry) & the other; Release the & throughout; And explain the concept of the sea waybill. In under the condition of loading the goods, issued by the shipping company bill of lading, the consignee must surrender a properly endorsed ( dulyendorsed) The original bill of lading ( Change the port of discharge or in other special circumstances, often should surrender full set of original bill of lading) ( Note: this is the nature of the bill of lading as pay also securities, namely the request to the realization of the right to pick up the goods on the bill of lading must be requirements on the back of the bill of lading) , and also to cope with all should pay fees, and then to the bill of lading at the port of discharge ( DeliveryOrder D / O) And the goods. 【 Shipping 】 When the consignee can not timely access to the bill of lading, the consignee on the strength of the bond is usually in exchange for the bill of lading after delivery ( Note: commonly used to distinguish the shipping practice & other; Letter of guarantee & throughout; And the concept of security law in & other; Guarantee & throughout; The concept of) 。 But the shipping company cannot guarantee against a third party ( Hold the real consignee of the bill of lading) Because the bill of lading is the carrier which guarantee the delivery of documents. Delivered the goods to the named, stated in the bill of lading to the order or to order, or to the holder of the bill of lading the terms of delivery, constitutes such an undertaking guarantee of delivery of the goods. Available in some can be collected in order to make the consignee of bill of lading, and shipping companies don't want to by guarantee delivery the goods timely, take delivery of the goods under the condition of practice is produced & other; Release the & throughout; In the practice. People often say & other; Release the & throughout; Is the concept of narrow sense, namely the shipper ( Consignor) After loading the goods to the carrier, Or its agent) Issued by a full set of original bill of lading to the carrier ( Or its agent) And at the same time designated consignee ( Under the condition of the straight bill of lading) ; The carrier authorization ( Usually in a telex, cable communication methods such as notification) The agent at the port of unloading, the consignee is not issue the original bill of lading ( Recovered) Under the condition of delivery of the goods. 【 VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp 】 Therefore, & other; Release the & throughout; The legal principle is: in the case of the carrier issues a bill of lading, when the back of the bill of lading can deliver the goods ( Or issue a bill of lading) 。 Due to the location of the back of the bill of lading carrier is in the delivery of the goods ( The port of discharge) Outside of the site ( Usually at the port of loading) , see it as a special case, so take back a full set of original bill of lading. However, at present, the relevant international conventions, national law ( As China's maritime law) And regulations no & other; Release the & throughout; The definition.
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