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In 2019, the latest trends of the Australian immigration policy

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
For many immigrants in Australia friend, immigration and visa policies, is all topics of concern. The New Year 2019, the Australian government for what are the changes of these policies? What are the influence in your life will turn out to be? Beginning in 2019, the Australian government launched a series of new policies, even involve the business immigration, social welfare, the following with all new details about 2019 Australian immigration policy. 1, 2019, the implementation of these new benefits ( 1) Drug benefit plans the Australian government will add five important medicines to Australian drug benefit plan ( PBS) , including the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia Rydapt, treatment of gastrointestinal pancreatic cancer Somatuline Autogel, treatment of malignant melanoma Opdivo and Lynparza Yervoy, used in the treatment of ovarian cancer. These drugs can treat many tumor and even the growth of cancer cells, every year there are a large number of patients required, the welfare will protect to more patients. ( 2) Youth allowances were issued on January 1st, as long as it is under the age of 24, are learning or apprentice training of Australian citizens, all will be able to enjoy the youth allowance. The Australian government has invested more than 5000 Australian dollars money, in order to help students study and life support during an apprentice. Youth allowance for qualification standards also change, upper limit of their parents' annual income will also be changed from $150000 to $160000. And every gain a child in the home, the ceiling will rise 1 w. ( 3) Feminine hygiene products shall be exempted from tax Australia reached an agreement on the federal government and state, including pads, tampons, postpartum women sanitary products, such as sanitary napkin and leakproof underwear, in early 2019 will be 10% of the goods and services tax shall be exempted. For women, will save a lot of a spending, but for around the state, the tax revenue to reduce 30 million yuan a year. 2, Queensland suspended all business immigration application late January 2, Queensland, Australia government notified, suspended all business immigration application for state guarantees. Queensland since that day, will not accept any new EOI application, including 188 a business innovation, investment 188 b, 188 c major investment, 188 e entrepreneurs, as well as 132 genius entrepreneur immigration application. Queensland, this is from 2018 to now, the second to suspend business immigration application, as for the specific reason, mainly apply for Queensland business immigrants too much, the number of local housing, education and infrastructure cannot afford so much pressure. Queensland's economic environment, infrastructure, education resources, job opportunities and investment environment, etc. , and too much, the number of Australian immigration application is becoming more and more strict examination and approval conditions, such as Queensland, NSW and Victoria are limited, if you want to the states, successful immigrants must ahead of background checks, or ready to apply for the preparation, such as commercial background accumulate, accumulate family assets and investment type distribution, and so on. 3, Australian open low-skilled immigrants, there is no language requirements there is the news in 2018, the Australian government will increase a new low-skilled migrant, really open now. The immigrant visa only to have basic skills of farm or reception of foreigners, as long as promised in the northern territory and new area of southwest Virginia, lived at least three years, will be able to migrate to Australia permanently. In addition, the visa will also reduce the migrant workers' skills, language and income standard, even if English is not so fluent, and also can realize the dream migrated to Australia. This is a win-win visa category, can let semi-skilled workers successful immigrants in Australia, also can promote the economic growth of Australia's remote areas. 4, guarantee a visa will be open to apply for new parents in the first half of 2019, Australia new parents 5 years temporary visa bill passed the senate formally. Every year there are 15000 quotas, the visa applicant can use the cost of $5000 to apply for visa for three years, or in the cost of $10000 to apply for a visa for five years. Visa expires, you can use the same cost to renew for 5 years and won't stay, but the new visa can let many family reunion, to spend quality time together, can also provide a new way to go to Australia to visit my parents and grandparents. New Australian immigration policy is currently above 2019, immigration Australia's overall trend is more and more difficult, so want to apply for the people had better hurry up, or keep looking carefully have missed a good time to immigration.
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