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Improve 3PL Warehouse Order Growth by 300% with

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-04
3PL, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Freight ForwardersLearn how Woodland Group was able to be a partner for growth to their customers by being "invisible" while growing their business.The ChallengeToday's logistics businesses wear many hats to better serve their customers from under one roof. In fact, it is not uncommon for these businesses to offer both freight forwarding and third-party logistics (3PL) services.This is the case for Woodland Group, a global freight and supply chain specialist since 1988. Primarily a freight forwarding company, they had a vision to offer a new, consultative customer-focused approach to the industry and to expand their services to offer e-commerce.Tasked with managing a "new breed of customer," Woodland Group set out to find a warehouse management system (WMS) partner that would help them scale alongside their business needs and deploy easily at multiple locations across their U.S.-based warehouses. Finding a logistics network that would offer their customers the required visibility into inventory, retailer connections, as well as shopping carts were just a few of the requirements when looking to purchase a WMS software. It was also important for Woodland Group to be an "invisible" partner to their customers' operations. "As a logistics provider, our goal is to be invisible. We want to successfully fulfill our customers' orders in the background without incident," said Manny Arriaza, Head of North American Fulfillment & Operations at Woodland Group. "In the world of omnichannel logistics, everything is fast-paced, and orders need to be out of the warehouse as soon as possible. The only way to achieve this goal is to provide customers visibility into every step of the fulfillment process."The SolutionAfter narrowing their search from the top five warehouse management solutions, Woodland Group ultimately decided to partner with 3PL Central and use 3PL Warehouse Manager™ WMS, which shared their vision of actively being a part of Woodland Group's customers' growth.In having access to and leveraging a vast logistics network, Woodland Group was able to successfully grow their business into e-commerce and offer bespoke services to top-tier retailers. By using integrations connected directly to 3PL Central's WMS via a REST API, they were able work closely with other logistics professionals to advise them on successful best practices to grow in their chosen fulfillment channels.Ultimately, this helped customers self-access real-time inventory tools, allowed customer service reps to spend less time on the phone, and offered more time for warehouse staff to fulfill orders.Since implementing 3PL Warehouse Manager, Woodland Group has increased order growth by 300% while maintaining a 1% margin of error, 2x better than industry standards.Partnering with 3PL Central has allowed Woodland Group to remove their reliance on manual entry on the warehouse floor, allowed customers to self-service, offering office staff more time to focus on the customer experience, and helped operations teams focus on the right metrics to grow their business.To learn more:email: info@3plcentral.comphone: 888-375-2368web: www.3plcentral.com
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