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Importer Maximizes Savings and Customer Service

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-04
Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Customer Service, Logistics Solutions ProvidersBy leveraging Kuebix and an integration with NetSuite, equipment parts importer Summit Supply ensures every order is shipped with the quickest, least expensive option to optimize savings and service.The ChallengeSummit Supply is a family owned and operated direct importer of high-quality rubber tracks, undercarriage wear parts, rubber track pads, and flatproof solid tires for equipment. They ship all over the United States from six warehouses located in New Jersey, Washington, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, and California.Since opening their doors in 1982, Summit Supply has placed a heavy emphasis on fast delivery and availability of their products and has the largest in-stock inventory in North America.Summit Supply's company mission is to be a "Team-Driven, Customer-Focused organization that strives to deliver quality products in a timely manner, at a fair price, with unmatched customer service." To achieve this mission, Summit Supply works to continuously improve its logistics operations. The SolutionIn 2017, Summit Supply learned about Kuebix TMS from a trusted advisor in the industry. They immediately realized how much time they could save by leveraging Kuebix's side-by-side rate comparison functionality instead of navigating between carrier websites.Summit Supply began as a Kuebix Business Pro account with multiple user seats. They immediately began seeing the benefits of the system, including time savings and reduced freight spend. With Kuebix, Summit Supply ensures that every order is shipped with the quickest, least expensive option to maximize savings and service.After their first year, Summit Supply decided to expand their use of Kuebix by connecting their ERP functionality with Kuebix TMS through an integration with NetSuite.An ERP integration serves to automatically populate order information into Kuebix from NetSuite. This means that Summit Supply never needs to rekey line items and they always achieve 100% order accuracy by avoiding human error. After making the decision to integrate their ERP with Kuebix in 2018, Summit Supply was up and running with their integration in about eight weeks.According to Cory Storr, a client care specialist who uses Kuebix daily for logistics operations, "The entire integration process took about two months. Kuebix's engineering and integrations teams worked closely with ours to make sure everything was working the way we needed it to."Summit Supply's logistics processes are now greatly sped up, making it easier for them to focus on their mission. Instead of wasting time navigating between carrier websites and manually entering order information, all details are automatically populated within Kuebix to make rating and booking fast. Not only that, but documents such as BOLs can be automatically generated with the correct information every time.Storr goes on to add, "The integration with NetSuite alone probably saves us two minutes on each order. When you multiply that by 80 orders a day, that's a lot of time savings."By leveraging Kuebix and an integration with NetSuite, Summit Supply is confident that every order is accurate and that the lowest-cost carrier with the best service is chosen on every load. This allows them to deliver on their promise of being a team-driven, customer-focused organization that strives to deliver quality products in a timely manner, at a fair price, with unmatched customer service.To learn more:email: sales@kuebix.comphone: 800-220-8610web: www.kuebix.com
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