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Import furniture to pay the duties in general

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Buy imported products will inevitably encounter tariffs, especially for entrance furniture price is higher, if coupled with the high tariffs and transportation costs, the price of the furniture may vary more, prohibitive. So in China, how much is the entrance furniture general tariff? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to analysis: as we all know, we have rich product resources, forestry. But with the development of the city, the natural forestry are greatly reduced, for the protection of natural forest in our country, the implementation of natural forest protection project. Therefore, significantly reduce domestic furniture resources, on the contrary to import furniture become a trend. To that end, countries in the aspect of furniture import tariff, adopted a zero tariff policy, encourage imports. Years over the years, our country imported furniture and lumber total amount each year to maintain in the growth rate of around 20%. Daily furniture (for imported furniture, in general, Beds, chairs, cabinets, etc. ) Is zero tariff, is just a new 17% VAT, 9401940, 2940, chapter 3 and other products are basic duties. In addition, the main need furniture import declaration documents: bill of lading, packing list and invoice, trade contracts, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate. Log furniture import customs clearance, the same, the ports of technology process in general have several attention: 1) The shipper provide country of origin certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate log. Of course also provide import ocean bills of lading, import log log furniture purchase contract, imported log furniture packing list and invoice log furniture. 2) Log furniture import duties. In general purchasing price is not high. The purchase price, are generally and import prices close to port audits. Directly, a sign of 13% VAT, log the owner can quickly accepted. 100000 yuan value of goods logs, import value added tax 13000 yuan. Value added tax, can be a financial enterprise circulation trade special tax. 3) Log furniture in the import customs clearance process, there may be A three problems is A weight does not conform to the problem. This question is the objective, the owner of the log moisture be lost in transit, or Africa, South America port pounds data from, or human error loading, is possible. B import quantity of log furniture does not conform to that document name. This, of course, you want to change, rearrange the documents at the inlet port, truthfully declare. Log furniture more than more than 20 C name within a container how to declare? This question is really test. With professional customs broker, attentive, patient, make an accurate declaration, can't steal work. After all log furniture import declaration link, log furniture import inspection link, all need to pass.
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