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Immigration logistics to go abroad, the volume of items according to choose the right means of checking

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
What is the mode of cost-effective immigration logistics abroad, choose? By air or by sea? Shipping is to choose spell ark or FCL? For these problems, VIPU under Supply Chain small make up to analyze: 1, personal items 1 cubic cubic is about 7-1 or less 8 28 inch of trunk ( Size: 31 cm46cm70cm) After, if you receive arrange personal items, the total volume within the 1 cubic, suggestion choice international air express way, aging fast, not only than the price of shipping is cheaper, because the shipping is according to 1 cubic shipments, less than 1 cubic billing according to 1 cubic, first cubic cost will be very high, the domestic customs clearance fee is charged according to vote, a vote in both 1 cubic 10 cubic fees are the same, the other shipping goods at the port of shipment and the port of destination is charging dock fee, according to one vote in single fixed costs such as cost, so the fee for the first cubic is usually higher. Many in the basic personal items in a cubic services, customers can choose by air Courier within such simple operation, aging fast, price is more cheaper shipping. 2, personal items < 15 cubic in international logistics, if personal items after packing volume less than 15 cubic meters, then walk alone a container, is not only a waste of space, and expensive. In this case, can choose LCL transport ( LCL) , cost savings, and avoid the waste of space! LCL transport request: if it is a normal clothes, books and other everyday items, after completion of the loading goods reasonable put on fumigation-free pallet, wrapped with stretch film and tape, finally packing tape fixed well, which not only ensure the safety items in the process of transportation is not scattered, also facilitate foreign sorting and forklift loading and unloading. Is if it involves some precious fragile items, such as piano, porcelain, suggest a fumigation-free packing, put this kind of goods in wooden cases, wooden cases need to make the bottom of the tray, convenient for forklift truck operation, if you don't make the tray, workers can't handle lifting, will cause the dockers reckless actions, making the tray after forklift sorting activities by machine, so that more can guarantee the safety of the furniture. 3, personal belongings or 15 cubic if packing volume after 15 cubic meters or more, then choose alone in container transportation is the most appropriate, is the whole container transport ( FCL) More security, that most valuable items! Because exactly the FCL cargo export and import countries customs inspection, to start, the smallest unit of release, a batch of goods, as long as people of export and import of documents presented reasonable and lawful and intact, export customs and import customs after completed the formalities and collect relevant taxes and fees, will soon be clearance. In international logistics, usually use the following three box container: 20 gp ( FCLS) , its diameter is: 5. 898 x2。 352x2. 385, outside diameter is: 6. 058x2. 438 x2。 591, under normal circumstances can hold 25 cubic, can accommodate three room two hall of items; 40 gp ( FCLS) , inner diameter: 12. 032x2. 352x2. 385, outer diameter: 12. 192x2. 438 x2。 591, under normal circumstances can hold 55 cubic meters, equivalent to a three storey villa goods; 40总部( Tall ark) , inner diameter: 12. 032x2. 352x2. 69, outer diameter: 12. 192x2. 438 x2。 896, under normal circumstances can hold 65 cubic meters, can accommodate four or five layer building villas. How to choose the suitable way of shipment, depending on the volume of items you want to check to decide. No more than 1 cubic suggest choose air transportation, less than 15 cubic, choose mixed container transport, greater than 15 Suggestions go the whole ark shipping.
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