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Immigration logistics to go abroad, it comes to organize things need to pay attention to what issues?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Immigration logistics to go abroad, often to carry a lot of things, no matter whether you choose logistics lp logistics for you, arrange packing the goods such as furniture need your participation. To orderly logistics not disorderly of immigrants, in front of the logistics, we organize personal items to prepare for what? Below VIPU logistics international logistics Supply Chain small make up for said immigrants go abroad the sorting strategy, which should be paid attention to. A, small items of preparation is necessary before preparing immigration logistics, international logistics lp can't wait for the door, when it is a waste of time, but also may cause items scattered and lost, so the correct way is to some fragmentary goods should be packed before logistics, larger items can be international logistics lp workers help packaging finishing, please. ( Key) The important documents, jewelry, bank card, securities make appropriate arrangements to carry. Buy in advance to receive bags, cardboard boxes, tape, bubble film, marker pen, label paper, packaging line. 。 。 1, the packing, the began to organize: (infrequently used items Example: books, kitchen supplies, feeder. 。 。 ) 。 2, concentration, only one room at a time, to avoid cluttering the room items, items cannot be counted. 3, after the goods packing, remember to write down the number in receive bag/carton, easy to clear inventory, avoid to the new house is a mess or lost items. 4, don't leave a space appear when packing: if the gap is in the oven, the items in the oven is easy to slide, and cause the carton is broken, and items on the floor and influence the handling work progress. 5, when packing remember that goods cannot be loaded too full: easy to cause the cartons damaged and damaged, and not easy to fold box, easy to produce risk. 6, origami department don't fold at the bottom of suppling fonts: unable to inherit the items weight, easy to crack. 7, at the bottom of the carton sealing methods: a word, cross, H words, to the goods in the cabinet, suggested that H word method of sealing. Second, the big furniture finishing the preparation of 1, air conditioning and water heater to tear open outfit in advance, and conduct electricity and cleaning, avoid moved into effect after use. 2, unused electrical appliances and wardrobe, big, have to send in advance or please recycle. ( Because throw will most likely be garbage disposal) 3, refrigerator handling to remove the plug before, go to the ice and empty, and duct tape the door. 4, washing machine to remove the plug, and then the internal wastewater completely ruled out. 5, TV, computer, etc. , with original carton with original packing, Display belongs to fragile, be sure to do protection) , no priority for international logistics lp due to special carton and packaging protection services. Six, wardrobe and furniture such as desk need internal empty, and the lock ( The key attention away) Or use the adhesive plaster. Table use cardboard first four corners good adhesive, in case the bruised. 7, sofa: 1 - in front of the logistics 2 days to make good sofa packaging, especially the solid wood and leather. Are some elevator is couldn't get into the big sofa, it can only take the stairs for handling. After loading must be fixed on the sofa. 8, piano and other valuables, need 4 - the volume and weight Six professionals carrying, high technical requirements, such as in the vibration will affect the quality, take affect beautiful, so need professional packaging protection. 9, carrying a large aquarium, advanced imported furniture, a giant TV screen, large safe and overhead crane need to use special tools, be sure to give more details in advance, timely communication with the logistics lp relocation scheme is determined. 10, early planning scheme is put good new items, convenient logistics command workers put items. Logistics of large goods while finishing more troublesome, but carrying really a big problem, because these items tend to be heavy, huge volume, moving up very trouble, so requires international logistics lp porters should have considerable experience can be competent. Three matters needing to know in advance, before looking for logistics lp 1, understanding on both sides of a residential parking location ( ZhuangXieDian) The size, elevators and stairs. 2, if choose weekend time logistics, it is suggested that will start on Wednesday consulting logistics fees, basic is made an appointment on Thursday. Remember: the price is not the most important reference factors, formal + professional + service is more important. 3, freight and logistics have distinction: only responsible for freight cargo, logistics is responsible for handling + cargo. Above these logistics knowledge and skills, you must be kept well.
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